Thursday, March 22, 2012

TV: Survivor - One World (episode 6)

Last week's episode Survivor: One World shook things up by realligning the tribes. That forced a number of players to rethink their game strategy and set up new alliances. I think it was a good move for this point in the season.

The title of the episode this week is "Thanks for the Souvenir". According to the previews, a serious injury takes out another player. I wonder who it will be.

Let's look at the episode...

So, the episodes starts with the Orange tribe coming back to camp. Colton and Alicia make no secret about it that Christina is next on the chopping block. They are so hateful and ugly to her face, laying it out with no concern at all. They are running this tribe. When Christina tries to get a spot in the shelter, Alicia won't even budge.

We learn that Kat had a dream that she was shopping in a mall when Alicia came up and killed her. Okay...

The reward challenge is all about bouncing coconuts off of trampolines to break targets. The reward: ice cream (yeah, that will do wonders to their digestive tracks after seventeen days...). The game has a big learning curve with everyone missing on their first shot. The contest is pretty even with Tarzan, surprisingly, getting two for the Orange tribe. However, Blue goes on a rally run and clinches the prize.

Colton, meanwhile, appears to have transferred his "Bill-hate" to Christina (he can't stand her face, her voice, etc.).

Christina tries to get allies with the Orange guys, explaining how Alicia has an alliance with the women on the other tribe. Alicia comes up behind her and chews her out for talking to the others. She plans to take Christina out next time.

However, fate intervenes. Colton wakes up in serious pain. Christina forgets his ugliness to her and tries to comfort him. Turns out he is severely dehydrated and that has lead to an appendicitis. He has to be taken out of the game to go have surgery. Wow! That's a damn twist I did not expect.

Of course, Colton being Colton, decides to keep the idol as a souvenir. That pisses off Alicia who felt she deserved to get it.

Jonas is upset to see his friend go, but he plans to use the opportunity to take charge of the tribe. He is willing to entertain Christina's idea that she, he and Leif vote out Alicia. Tarzan, however, approaches Leif and wants him to vote out Christina per Colton's last plan. Leif is torn. How would he swing his vote?

Both tribes find out they must go to Tribal. There is speculation of each having to vote one off, or the group voting one off from the total. Hard to say.

Turns out, Jeff fills them in on Colton's health. He is off to a hospital for surgery. There is talk of his Idol. The Orange tribe will not say whether it was taken with him or is still in the game.

Jeff then drops the other shoe - time to drop the buffs and don new ones. They are now merged. Back to six guys and six girls. How will the alliances shake down? Is it back to gender loyalty? Will the newer alliances take hold? Who is going where?

Turns out the merged tribe will be going back to the original beach, with all items from the Orange camp brought back as well. One world again.

The game just got even more interesting.

I do hate to see Colton go out on a medical pull. I think he was turning it a prime Survivor villain and was interested to see how that would have played out. Given the circumstances, I would not at all be surprised to see him brought back to play again next season or the one after. He's too much of a character, polarizing as such, to not be brought back.

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