Thursday, March 29, 2012

TV: Survivor - One World (ep. 7)

Last week's episode Survivor: One World had the grand mastermind Colton going out on a medical pull. That threw the remaining twelve back together in a single tribe of equal sides: six men, six women.

The title of the episode this week is "The Beauty In a Merge". The previews say another bold move will happen at tribal council. But first we have to get there.

Let's look at the episode...

Troyzan is now ready to get on with the solo game; he is itching to play. Alicia thinks it is time to get the girls' alliance back together, especially now that she lost her ally in Colton. Tarzan wants to reunite the guys' alliance but Jay wants nothing to do with that. Mike does not either. Seems the two are happy with the new Solani tribe they had with the girls.

Up for reward is pizza, beer and a secret message. The twelve are divided into random teams of six. They have to dig under a fence, go under an obstacle and dig up four puzzle bags. Two then have to solve the puzzle. Leif for the blue team gets stuck. The orange team takes a huge lead, however Sabrina (their fourth) gets stuck too. That gives blue time to catch up. They get the pieces to the puzzle table nearly at the same time, but orange pulls out the victory.

The secret message indicates that there is another immunity idol hidden back at camp (to make up for the one Colton took out of the game). Troyzan decides to hunt in the morning while all the others are asleep, and he finds it. He feels he is in a much better place in the game.

Jonas finds out that Tarzan approached Mike about resurrecting the guy alliance. The two get into a shouting match. Tarzan melts down and says he's done with the alliance.

Individual immunity is up for grabs. The game is the balance balls on a disk from last season (just so we can hear Jeff say "grab your balls" a few times). Tarzan, who should have steady hands as a plastic surgeon, is the first one out with just one ball to balance. We move to two balls and Christina is gone, followed by Mike, Chelsea and Kim. Three balls to the disks, and out goes Alicia. She is followed by Jay, Jonas, Sabrina and Leif. It is down to Kat and Troyzan. Yes, I said Kat. I was shocked too. But in the end, Troyzan pulls out the win. So, he has the immunity necklace this time and can keep his idol for another day.

The new Solani group decides to go after Jonas. Chelsea is reluctant to vote out the guy cooking for them but goes along. She and Kim are fine as long as they are targetting a guy, keeping their girls' alliance an option for later.

Troyzan tips off Jonas of the plan. Jonas goes into apology mode to save himself, and Tarzan is eager to accept him back into the fold.

Tarzan then gets into a bit of hot water when he wants to boil his dirty shorts with the other folks' laundry. He swears it is dirt and not poopy pants. Yeah, like I'd believe that kook. Chelsea is not happy by his actions.

At tribal, Jonas boldly announces it makes more sense to target Mike, the strongest of the guys. Tarzan immediately loses respect for Jonas again (damn, is that plastic surgeon wishy-washy or what). Jonas then mentions that their plan to go after Kat would not have worked any way as they did not have numbers. Chelsea throws out Tarzan as an option and Sabrina seems to agree. Man, this one is all over the map with everyone scrambling.

In the end though, the votes come down to two for Mike and seven (revealed) for Jonas (he actually got ten). So, clearly the new Solani stuck with their plan and got a few more votes in the bargain to seal Jonas' fate.

Jonas does get the last laugh though, as my son predicted seconds before, when he says "good luck with that food situation".

I am really loving that this season is so unpredictable. There is not clear cut knocking off of folks, though next week it appears that Jay and Mike realize that the women have the numbers - and the women do too. Do I smell an all-girl alliance taking control of the game? We'll see.

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