Thursday, March 8, 2012

TV: Survivor - One World (episode 4)

After last week's episode of Survivor: One World, Jeff Probst teased on Twitter that this week's episode would have a big move and a history making moment. He should know, right? He is very close to the show and knows how things played out on the island.

The title of the episode is "Bum-Puzzled". The synopsis from TV Guide says: an unforgivable betrayal rocks one tribe and forces its members to make a drastic move.

Let's look at the episode and see if this lives up to the hype...

No sooner do Troyzan and Tarzan get back from tribal council then they are already talking the next to go. Bill is on the block because Colton cannot stand him.

The next morning, the men go to the women and ask to use the net. Jonas is from Hawaii and says he knows all about net fishing. They offer to give the women half of the bounty in exchange. The women blow them off. They feel that now the men are coming to them when they want something (just like the women did a few days prior).

Reward challenge is a giant game of "Connect Five" using slingshots and coconuts to break boards. The game starts out pretty even. Kat even scores one for the women (shocker, I know!). The men go up by one, but the women tie it up. Then the women move ahead. I kept yelling at the TV "strategy people". They seemed like they were just trying to hit anything on the board and not make five in a row. The women line up four and Monica puts the final one in for the win. Given the choice of pillows, a tarp or coffee and donuts, the women go from the practical. They need that tarp to keep dry.

Back at camp, Leif and Bill are just talking when Leif lets it slip that Colton had targetted Bill last time. Bill is upset. Michael sees this conversation and pulls Leif in to talk to Colton, hoping to move the target off of his back and on to someone else. It works.

Colton is like the queen bee of the men's tribe and no one wants to cross him. If Colton does not want to talk to someone, he won't.

At the Immunity Challenge, everyone is paired up. It is a team race to solve puzzles, get three keys and open locks. But Alicia and Chelsea get stuck on the easiest of the three puzzles. Then men smoke past them solving one...two...three with ease. They have no problem working together. When the women try to look at the men's work, Tarzan keeps yelling out "cheater". This guy has no filter at all.

When the women lose, Jeff makes it a point to single out Alicia as having a lackluster attitude and messing it up. Chelsea and Alicia make excuses at camp to try and save their butts, but targets are forming.

However, that's not the big drama. Back at the men's camp, Bill tries to talk to Colton and make peace. Colton wants nothing of it. The more he tries to shut Bill down, the more Bill gets in his face.

Tarzan meanwhile is pissed at Leif for betraying the alliance trust and telling Bill he was a target. Tarzan demands they give the immunity idol to the women so that the men can go to tribal to make Leif pay for his betrayal. Leif is genuinely sorry. Colton, meanwhile, sees this as his chance to get rid of Bill and signs on to the plan. Everyone else thinks it is a crazy move but neither Jay nor Michael want targets on their backs. They agree to go. Bill does too thinking Leif is the target.

At tribal, Jeff is caught with jaw wide open when the men arrive. Yes, they gave the idol away and showed up to vote out one of their own. Strangest move in Survivor history. Risky? Yup. Stupid? Time will tell.

Troyzan explains about Leif's betrayal. Leif said he was just being honest. It seems like a slam dunk to get rid of Leif.

Then, all hell breaks loose! Colton gets personal with Bill, attacking his broke lifestyle and struggling comedy career. Bill says it is a difference in how the two were raised. Colton admits he was raised well off and the one black person who is close to him is their housekeeper. More heated discussion between Colton and Bill. Bill says "don't judge me". Colton retorts with a "whatever".

Tarzan then asks to speak and defends Colton. He then goes on a mini-rant about being sick and tired about hearing about "race". He says "We should be past this. We have a black President in the White House."

Wow. These men have gone into the land of certified loons.

The votes go down. One for Leif (Bill's) and seven for Bill. The tribe has spoken. Clearly they all will do whatever Colton wants. They fear him, which is really laughable. He only has whatever power they give him.

I have to admit, this was worth the hype. It was another shocking episode with lots of twists. Will the crazy continue next week? It looks like it just might.

See you next week, Survivor fans.

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