Thursday, March 15, 2012

TV: Survivor - One World (episode 5)

Last week's episode Survivor: One World was epic. We saw a first in Survivor history - a tribe who won immunity giving it up to the other side so they could go to tribal to take care of an immediate problem. My jaw dropped just as much as Jeff's did.

The title of the episode this week is "A Bunch of Idiots". I can't wait to see who utters this phrase but I am betting it will be one of the smarter women since Colton and the guys are about to have their alliance rocked to its very core.

Let's look at the episode...

The women are clearly think the guys were fools to vote out one of their own last time. They are ready to go to tribal and continue their momentum.

Jeff, however, has something in store for them. The tribes are asked to drop their current buffs and choose an egg. Inside is paint. The random reassignment puts the buff men (Jay, Michael and Troy) with four gals (Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina and Kat) - the new blue tribe. That leaves Colton and his misfits (Tarzan, Leif, Jonas) with Alicia, Monica and Christina - the new orange tribe.

The luxury competition is carrying water in a bucket with holes across a course to fill a tub. The prize: PB&J, coffee and keeping the current camp. Losers have to start over on a new beach. It is a close one but Blue has enough to turn the tide and raise their flag.

While the others work on the new Orange camp, Colton is doing his usual strategizing. He bonds with Alicia and convinces her that one of the other women have to go first. Alicia is reluctant but is okay as long as it isn't her.

Kim meanwhile finds the women's idol and lets Chelsea know she has it. She figures this will come in handy down the line if the women ever find themselves in the target.

The immunity challenge is a water-basketball game (hey, it is March Madness time after all...nice tie-in). It is three on three each round. Anything goes. First team to three wins.

Michael shows his skills in the first round of three men vs. three men. Round two is two men/one woman on each team. Again, Michael plays hard and scores the basket. Round three is women vs. women. Monica ends up being the victor with a point. So it is Blue two, Orance one. Final round is men vs. men again. Colton tries to play hard but Michael cannot be stopped. He scores the third for his team to win immunity.

Back at camp, Colton is running the show. He convinces Alicia that Monica has to go (which is dumb - she's the strongest of their group). Jonas is willing to follow Colton as long as his name is not brought up. That's the same thing Alicia is thinking too. She tells the girls the target is Tarzan due to his age. Colton goes back and gives the true scoop to Leif and Tarzan and prays that Tarzan can remember the right name to write down.

At tribal, Tarzan's problem with names comes up. He is put on the spot to name everyone in his tribe and barely does it. Colton is sweating this vote - will the old guy get it right? Turns out, he does. The votes revealed are two each for Tarzan (Monica's and Christina's) and two for Monica. Then Jeff reads the next two, which is enough to send Monica packing. Christina begins to think she has been played - but with only six votes revealed Alicia may be able to feign confusion too next time. We'll see.

I think mixing the groups was the right thing to do at this juncture. Everyone was getting to comfortable so changing it up worked. We'll see how people scramble next time. Oh, and it looks like another casualty is coming up too.

See you next week.

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