Monday, March 19, 2012

TV: Once Upon A Time (ep. 16)

Last week I was very impressed with Once Upon A Time as we learned the true history about Red Riding Hood. And it ended with some interesting speculations in the investigation of missing Kathryn.

Tonight's episode, "Heart of Darkness", continues with that later storyline as Emma is forced to arrest Mary Margaret as a suspect in Kathyrn's murder. The young teacher turns to Mr. Gold to represent her as her attorney.

In the land of Fairytales, Prince Charming continues his search for Snow White whose memory is now clouded, thanks to drinking Rumpelstiltskin's potion. Snow is on a mission to assassinate the Evil Queen.

Let's get to the episode breakdown, shall we?

In the land of Fairytales, King George's guards find Charming and Red. She sends him off, turning into a wolf to give him a headstart (and her a snack).

At the house of the dwarves, Snow has gotten nasty. The dwarves hold an intervention with Jimminy Cricket but it does little good. Rather, it only convinces Snow that she needs to take her anger out on the Queen for revenge. She later ambushes a knight in the woods, threatens to maim him until she gets the information on where the Queen is.

Grumpy has followed her and takes her to Rumpelstiltskin for help. The trickster tells them that love is the most powerful magic of all, impossible to bottle. Snow does not want that - she wants revenge. That he can help with. He provides her with a bow and arrow, along with a map on where best to attack the Queen in route. Snow gladly takes it but asks what the price is. Rumpelstiltskin says "I am invested in your future".

Charming arrives at Rumpelstiltskin's castle a bit later. The trickster tells him that loves true kiss will save Snow. "Where is she?" Charming asks. The trickster says he will tell him for a price - the cloak off his back. Charming willingly gives it. We later learn why - Rumpel wanted a hair of Charming's which, when he combines with Snow's hair spins into something that looks surprisingly like DNA. Can you say the key to breaking the curse? That's what it looked like to me.

Charming finds Snow and kisses her. It does nothing. She knocks him out and ties him up. She says she does not remember him nor does she want to. She leaves him to rot. Jimminy Cricket shows up, helps to free the prince and offers some advice as well. Instead of reminding Snow who he is, try reminding her of who she was.

As Snow is about to shoot the Queen, Charming dives in the way and takes the hit in his shoulder. She is angry at him for stopping her, and he tells her he would rather die than see her become evil. They kiss and she starts to remember. But before they can be happy, King George's guards arrive and take Charming prisoner.

Snow returns to the dwarves to apologize for her bad behavior. They accept it and welcome her home. She says she cannot stay as she has to rescue Charming. The dwarves offer to help her in the rescue attempt.

In Storybrooke, Emma must book Mary Margaret as a suspect in Kathryn's case, if nothing more than to keep Regina off her back. Regina insists on being present when Emma questions her. It turns out the box where the heart was found was Mary Margaret's jewlery box. She says someone must have taken it to frame her. Regina feigns compassion, but we all know that is a facade. Only a person with keys to every house in town could take whatever they needed to frame someone.

Emma checks the apartment for signs of a break-in. Henry shows up to help. That is when Emma finds a hunting knife hidden in the air vent in the bedroom. The heart was cut out with a knife. Henry takes off to the diner only to be approached by August. He suggests Henry look for answers in books, the book in particular. Henry wants to know what the writer knows about the book. August says he is like Henry, a believer. Folks like Emma need proof. Henry starts to look for answers in the book.

David goes to see Regina. She tells him that Mary Margaret is likely guilty, that evil is not born but made. David says Regina would hardly know about evil. Regina says sometimes evil stares you in the face.

Mr. Gold offers his services as a lawyer to represent Mary Margaret. She accepts but says she cannot pay him. Gold says that is fine - he is invested in her future (where have we heard that before?)

David goes to see Dr. Hopper. The psychiatrist puts him under hypnosis to help remember lapses in memory during the blackouts. David does remember - he remembers Charming in the woods with Snow where she said she had to kill her. Of course, Snow was talking about the Queen. David thinks it was Mary Margaret meaning Kathryn. He goes to the jail and tells Mary Margaret this. She is heartbroken that he would accuse her after she stood by him when he was a suspect. She tells him to go. And the curse continues.

Henry brings Emma the ring of keys from Regina's office. He shows her that one opens up the apartment. Presented with proof, Emma is starting to believe that Regina might have set this up.

Mary Margaret is making her cot up for the night when something falls out. It is a key - another key from Regina's ring. Who put it there? She tries it in the lock and finds it opens the cell. Quickly, she locks it again and hides the key. Emma brings breakfast and tells Mary Margaret that she believes Regina is behind the frame-up. She asks the teacher to trust her to find proof. But, the downside is the DNA results came back - the heart in the box was Kathryn's.

Emma goes to see Mr. Gold and tells her she suspects Regina of the frame-up. Gold is hardly surprised. He wonders why she would share this with him. Emma tells him that when it comes to besting Regina that his help worked before. She wants it again. Mr. Gold is more than willing to do what he can. It is in his vested interest after all to beat his sworn enemy and break the curse.

Once again, another solid episode. The stories moved along well, and the parallels between the two worlds were perfectly done (in repeated words, images that reflected one another, etc.).

I am very much looking forward to next time. I hope you are too.

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