Monday, March 5, 2012

TV: Once Upon A Time (ep. 14)

I really dislike these two week breaks between episodes of Once Upon A Time. I am so glad it looks like we're slated for five new ones in a row starting with this week.

This week's episode is entitled "Dreamy".

In the land of Fairytales, we learn more about the Seven Dwarves and Grumpy's forbidden romance with the lovely yet clumsy fairy Nova.

In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret and town troublemaker Leroy work together to help some nuns sell candles for the Miner's Day Festival. Sheriff Emma meanwhile investigates Kathryn's disappearance after the car accident.

Let's get to the episode breakdown, shall we?

Once upon a time, in the land of Fairytales, there was a fairy named Nova (played by Amy Acker) who wanted to be a fairy godmother. But her mentor, the Blue Fairy, points out that Nova is inept and can barely keep the year's suppy of fairy dust safe. Proof to her point, Nova spills some down from the heavens and it lands in a hatchery of dwarves. From the egg comes one who would be named Dreamy.

Dwarves, you see, are only males. There are no females, there is no marriage or love. There is only work. So Dreamy and his seven bretheren work the mine all their lives, turning diamonds into fairy dust. Dreamy meets Nova a year later and helps her save the bag of fairy dust from the fiery furnace. Smitten, she invites him to come see the fireflies.

Dreamy is confused, thinks he is sick. That is until Belle explains to him that he is in love (good to see her back in another flashback tale). Dreamy goes to meet Nova and they talk. He sees her as worldly while he is lowly forever stuck in the mines. But he thinks perhaps they two can get a boat and sail the world. She agrees to go with him the next night after delivering the fairy dust.

Dreamy tries to slip away, but not before his fellow dwarves can wish him well. The foreman however catches him and together with the Blue Fairy crush his dream. Dreamy meets with Nova and crushes her dream in turn. Returning to the mine, his old axe breaks and he is given a new one. Now he is re-christened Grumpy.

Over in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is trying to sell Miner's Day candles for the nuns in hopes to regain respect in the town. Sadly, no one will volunteer to work with her. Leroy points out that she's now the town harlot so what does she expect. His sour mood changes though when he meets Sister Astrid, one of the nuns. She has made an error though and spent the monthly stipend on helium; they need to raise $5000 to pay Mr. Gold this month's rent. Leroy decides to help out and offers to assist Mary Margaret.

However, the two are not liked (he being the town drunk and all). They fail to sell them at the booth and door-to-door. Leroy tries to sell Gold his boat, but when the town broker finds out why he walks away. It seems he has no problem with putting the nuns out on the street since he has a long complicated history with them (as they are the fairies and he Rumpelstiltkin - a very nice touch there).

Emma investigates Katherine's car wreck. Sidney Glass takes pictures and offers to get the phone records. Regina is the one who actually provides them though and they show that David and Katherine spoke on the phone an hour before the crash. Emma had already spoken with David who told her the couple did not speak that day. Regina threatens Emma to do her job.

Mary Margaret and Leroy share a drink to drown their failure. She suggests that his infatuation with Astrid is wrong as she is a nun. He reminds her that she is one to talk having been involved with a married man. Leroy then reminds her though that at least she had good memories with David to cling to. She agrees. Then he gets an idea.

Leroy goes to the roof, swings and axe and takes out the transformer. With the town plunged into darkness, it is time to sell some candles. They manage to sell them all, and Leroy presents Sister Astrid with the $5000 he promised. Emma shows up and asks David to come downtown for more questioning.

I really liked the back story on this one, the origin of dwarves if you will and the whole idea of where the fairies get their magic dust. I like too the touch of making the fairies nuns in the real world. This all adds to a richer tapestry of the series in both realms.

Next week: the story of Red Ridinghood! That should be good.

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