Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TV: GCB (episode 3)

Last week's episode of GCB held the number of viewers from its debut. That's good news. Also, we got a lot more character development as well.

This week's episode was entitled "Love Is Patient". Amanda finds herself dealing with her past in a church seminar about relationships. Heather sets her sights on a new client, a former high school nerd named Andrew. Carlene, meanwhile, is trying to deal with her own marital disappointments by meddling in the marriages of both Sharon and Cricket.

Let's look at this week's episode...

I really liked the character exploration that episode three provided.

First, we learn that Ripp is having problems performing in bed. Carlene assumes it is her and tries to spice it up with Biblical roleplaying. It turns out that Ripp is bothered by Bill Vaughn and how he ripped off so many people. Turns out Ripp was ripped to the tune of a few million dollars. He thinks that perhaps Amanda might have some information on where the money went.

Cricket has been taking out her needs on her trainer, who drops her when he gets engaged, and then later her Tae Kwon Do instructor. Carlene figures that out and decides she has some needs that require work too. Victor the instructor is torn about taking her money too.

Sharon tries to deal with Zack's kiss with Amanda. She confronts Amanda at work, only to get clobbered by a waitress. She then turns to help from the Texas Chili Council (a very funny exchange - that woman needs to be back).

GiGi has been trying to get Amanda in the dating scene. She says she isn't ready. Heather convinces her to come out with her but takes her instead to the singles night at the church. Turns out Andrew, the high school geek turned rich entrepeneur, has agreed to go as well and Heather wants to try to hook up with him after the first attempt is a bust.

It turns out, the Pastor finds the three marriages inspiring and has asked these "marriage all-stars" to help with the singles session. Cricket and Blake take the singles, Ripp and Carlene take the formerly marrieds, and Zack and Sharon are on dinner preparation patrol.

While Amanda stuffs her pinata effigy of Bill with things she wanted to say and reveal, she lets Ripp know that she got a letter from Bill. Turns out Bill sent it to her on the day he was leaving her, just before he died. Ripp mistakenly thinks Bill might still be alive, faking his death.

Carlene meanwhile suggests to Blake that he might need help with Cricket in the bedroom, rather than her getting action on the side. Blake tells Cricket and they have a rather serious moment. Does he want out? Isn't her "falling" the perfect out for him? Cricket is furious with her friend for suggesting it and suggests that she fix her own marriage rather than butt into others' business.

Ripp pulls the fire alarm to clear the church, allowing him time to swap pinatas. When Amanda gets home and smashes it with GiGi's putter, she realizes that something is amiss.

Ripp and Carlene meanwhile go through Amanda's papers, jumping further to the conclusion that Bill is still alive. They plan to find him and their money.

Sharon and Zack talk, now that the secret of the kiss is out. Zack tells her that it isn't about Amanda at all. It is more about him and his former glory days as a Dallas Cowboy potential (until he blew out his knee). He never meant to hurt Sharon and wants her by his side. She however feels she has her own former glory days to try and reclaim.

In bed, Blake and Cricket realize that they are perfectly happy together with how their relationship has been for all these years. No one treated her with love like he does.

The show is definitely balancing the soap elements and the comedy elements well. Things were not nearly as over-the-top this time and we got quite a few solid character moments. Giving the characters more depth will help a long way with giving the show legs to run for a good while.

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