Thursday, March 1, 2012

TV: Surivor - One World (episode 3)

Week three of Survivor: One World. So far, the women have been easily shown up by the men. Will their losing trend continue?

This week's title "One World Is Out The Window" and there is definitely problems around the shared campsite. Could we finally get back to the tension that episode one so richly provided?

Let's look at the episode...

After tribal, a storm comes rolling in. Colton and one of the other guys offer the women a chance to come over to their shelter. They decline and decide to ride the storm out. It is a cold, wet night. The morning after is not so good either. The women's fire is out so they ask to warm up by the guys' camp.

Matt isn't happy about it.

Rain continues for the reward challenge, a memory test. Up for grabs - fishing gear and a canoe. Sabrina gets first blood on Matt. Colton thinks he has it but fails; Monica has it down. Alicia jumps at the board first - three to nothing. Troyzan gets cocky. He and Kat go seven rounds (truly a battle of nitwits) before Kat gets the right answer. Yeah, ladies! Kristina versus Bill; the guys need this to stay in the contest. She shuts him down. Yes! The women win reward.

And the rain continues.

Bitter from the loss, the men are reluctant to give an ember without something in return. They want to use the canoe. The ladies say they need to vote as a group on that. The men do give in but the charity train is about to stop. It is about to get ugly. I love it.

The next morning, the sun is up and the women go fishing. Are they turning things around? Looks like it. And that just further fuels the guys to win immunity.

Oh, this should be fun - blindfolded pairs with an obstacle course and callers. I hope the women have their communication issues down. Turns out, they don't; Sabrina can not keep her crew moving. The guys get all their bags back first. Bill has a big lead to work the puzzle but Sabrina quickly catches up with help from her tribe. Yes! Women win immunity.

So Matt is eager to go to tribal to exercise the power base he's created. Why do I think his cockiness is about to explode in his face? (Wishful thinking on my part.) Colton wants to target Bill but the other four in the alliance want Matt gone first. Jay shows up and wants in. Matt shows up next and Tarzan spills it that Matt might be on their radar. Matt tries to pull in Troy; Troy nods but won't vote with him. Matt just hung himself right there.

Tribal is interesting. Tarzan again reveals the numbers (5 to 4). Then Colton reveals he has an idol. (Guys, keep your mouths shut!) Matt is clearly shaken by the turn of events yet he tries to make Tarzan feel uncomfortable. The more Matt talks, the more I hope he gets voted out tonight. And Bill is so wired. (what plants did he find to smoke?)

That vote wiped the arrogance off Matt's face. I love it. Game on!

I now look forward to next week as the whole power structure has been shaken on the guys' tribe.

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