Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TV: GCB (episode 2)

Last week's debut of GCB pulled in a 7.56 share (11 million viewers). Not a bad start for a show that has a lot of great talent and potential for some dark comedic moments.

This week's episode was entitled "Hell Hath No Fury". Last week, Amanda embarrassed Carlene at church with the revelation that one of her holding companies including the "Boobilicious" restaurant. This week, Carlene decides to get even.

Let's look at this week's episode...

We open with learning that Carlene took to bed all week and is ready to miss church. Her friends are not ready to skip church to support her and Cricket even offers to take Carlene's solo. The show must go on! And indeed it does. Carlene dedicates "Jesus Take the Wheel" to Amanda.

GiGi is trying to plan a welcome home luncheon for Amanda to get her back into the social circles. Amanda is tired of all that and just wants to work to support her kids' needs. Heather has been helping GiGi plan the event, which puts her on the outs with Carlene and the others.

Sharon ferrets out wing sauce on Zack's tie and concludes he has been going to Boobilicious (she thinks it is because he is after Amanda). She tries to entice him with all the food and cleavage he can handle at home, only to be rebuffed when Zack says he's on a diet.

Blake has made plans to celebrate his third anniversary with Booth, his head ranch-hand, but it is the same night at the big pep rally where his and Cricket's daughter is making her debut as head cheerleader.

Carlene decides to change the restaurant image, by dressing the girls in Amish dresses. That of course ruins the business and drives the clientele away. It isn't the hot wings that bring the customers in the door. Amanda suggests they talk, so Carlene takes her to the best pork barbeque place - 80 miles out of town. Carlene admits that she was glad Amanda branded her a "Javelina" in high school (a term the Fox girls used for the unattractive girls) because if forced Carlene to better herself. Carlene then strands Amanda for there is no room in her sports car with the roast pig she was bringing to the pep rally.

Amanda gets back to town with the rally already underway. She is worried that Cricket's daughter Alexandra has dumped mud on Laura. Turns out, the Foxes have accepted Laura as one of their own (all part of Cricket's plan to spy on Amanda through the teenagers). Alexandra, with her recent breast enlargements, make a big impression on the rally.

At home, Blake has smoothed things over for his daughter. He then tells Cricket that Booth has left the ranch. Based on the size of their bed (that had to be a double-king easily), it is very evident that Cricket knows all about Blake's extra activities and is okay with it. As long as it is kept a secret and their marriage looks good in public, it is all good.

Amanda and GiGi talk and realize that troubles with daughters is something they both share. Amanda however smoothes things over with Laura, and Laura shows her confidence that her mother can handle things at the restaurant.

And handle them she does. Amanda calls Rip and lets him know all the girls are quitting due to Carlene's changes. Rip puts his foot down, restores the status quo at Boobilicious and puts Carlene back in her place. GiGi and her luncheon group arrive to have the party at the restaurant.

The show definitely was driven with a much more tighter plot this week, which is good. The pilot had some good scenes but it tried to cover a lot of ground. This one was a bit more structured as a series needs to be.

I'm liking the chemistry between the actors, especially Annie Potts and Leslie Bibb. And, of course, I always enjoy hearing Kristin Chenweth sing.

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