Monday, October 17, 2011

TV: Pan Am (episode 4)

Last night ended the fourth week of new programming and that means it was time for a new Pan Am. I don't have the ratings handy from last night so I can't tell yet if the show has started to climb, stabilized, or continued its descent.

Episode four is entitled “Eastern Exposure”. The crew gets a last-minute schedule change, going first to Rangoon before heading to Jakarta, Indonesia.

I really like the details put into the Pan Am terminal that is used in the first scene. It looks amazing, very shiny and new. We also get some hints that something is going on with Ted. An older captain alludes to his family connections. What could those be? Hmmmm.

Here come this week's flashback - this time to a Naval aviation incident that derailed Ted's military career. We also meet his father, learn about where he stands in the family's importance, and find out about his interest in the space program. The more I learn of his character the more I'm liking him. We also then get some tension between Ted and Dean, which is to be expected given the situation of one making captain ahead of the other. I am glad we're getting more background on the pilots, just to be fair.

The re-routing gives the cast a reason to be dressed in swimwear for a scene, in classic bathing suits, of course. I have to applaud the costumers once more for a job well done.

Of course, too, an exotic locale means another covert assignment for Kate. They did a nice job on the locations for the Jakarta markets and such. Great attention to detail. I enjoyed how she got taken by the locals some, showing her naive nature.

I like seeing how Laura and Maggie bonded too. It helps move Laura out of sister Kate's shadow and a bit out of her shell as well; Maggie is definitely the fun one of the flight crew. I think this new pairing will create some interesting situations in the future.

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