Thursday, October 20, 2011

TV: Survivor South Pacific (ep. 6)

Week six of the new season of Survivor was titled "Free Agent", as in "I'm a free agent...", Ozzy's declarative statement to the Savaii tribe upon being betrayed by his alliance last week at tribal council. And that's just the tip of the iceburg this week.

Let's take a look at the details of the episode.

Not only does Ozzy make his declaration of being a solo player in the first few minutes of the show, he proves his social game sucks by announcing he also has the hidden immunity idol. Um...not so smart. Jim couldn't be happier with all this as he feels Ozzy is sinking his own ship with little effort on his part.

Over at Upolu, Brandon finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol at that came and scrambles to look for it with Coach and Albert. The later two don't tell him though that Coach already found it. Coach wants to have an honest game with the boy but ponders if withholding information is a lie or not. Gray area.

At Redemption Island, Christine looks weary but pulls out a shuffle board victory against Elyse. She also flips off her tribe while scratching her nose. Classy.

After a day of sulking, Ozzy tries to patch things up with his tribe. At the reward/immunity challenge, I start to question if Ozzy is throwing the challenge. Nope. Turns out he and Dawn are sucky at moving a wheelbarrow. Upolu has the early lead to launching the coconuts (a real cool challenge, by the way) but Savaii comes from behind to win it.

Tribal for Upoli is a rough one. Half want Edna gone as she appears weak. Coach wants her loyalty though and targets Mikayla who lost the challenge for them by not taking his direction. In the end, it is Brandon's word that he won't vote Edna out that saves her, sending Mikayla packing. Upoli has some serious issues on unity. So much for a strong alliance of five plus.

Jeff teased in his Tout messages for something big happening next week - the biggest game move by a single person in 23 seasons. What can it be? Tune in next week to find out.

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