Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TV: Monday CBS Comedies (10/3/11)

The third week of TV is upon us. Once more my Monday night tuning is set to CBS for four half hour sitcoms. Starting the week off with some laughs is always good. Here are my impressions of this week's shows (warning: there will be plot *spoilers* - proceed with caution).

How I Met Your Mother - I really liked that Robin had the main focus of the A-arc as she wrestles with Barney's dating Nora and helps him to put to rest his many scams to get women (some of those were hilarious - Neil Patrick Harris is always amazing). The B-arc was okay - clearly Ted has always suffered from third wheel syndrome. It started with Lilly and Marshall in college, and often later with Robin and Barney when they were dating. But I'd rather have him this way as it brings out a lot of funny.

2 Broke Girls - what is going on? This show continues to grow on me with each episode. The whole plot line about "the Will" (Goodwill) was very entertaining. Max and Caroline are becoming good friends, even if they don't want to admit it. I like the chemistry of the actresses. Sadly, I hear it is having ratings issues. Just my luck - I start to like a new show and I have to worry about it making it through the season. Ugh.

Two and a Half Men - Finally, Jake gets some scenes and boy did they work well. Everything was clicking for me on this week's show. I even tolerated Walden's man-child behavior at dinner with his ex just because it featured the amazing Judy Greer. Oh, and we even get some great scenes with Judith. Score. I did see more of the advertising on the laptop cover again (Foursquare and more). I thought CBS was going to put a stop to that after they leaked in to last week's episode. Did they resolve the issue? Was the whole news story false to drum up more interest in the show? Hmmmm.....

Mike and Molly - we got to see the whole cast again this week, which I love. This show has a great ensemble and works well when everyone is utilized. Of course, Melissa McCarthy got a lot of feature time as a key to many of the funny scenes, but she is so amazing. Worth that Emmy win every time. I loved Carl at Mike's mom's house - all CSI and the like. And the scenes with Molly's mom and sister are always funny too. I like ending the night on a positive note.

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