Saturday, October 8, 2011

TV: Charlie's Angels (2011, ep. 3)

Week three of the new Charlie’s Angels debuted this week with an episode called "Bon Voyage, Angels". The case is going to take the crew out on the high seas.

I really like how they filtered the video with a blue-gray tone to show the flashback of four years ago. Kate is still a cop at the time, involved in her dirty dealings until a reporter Amanda Kane tries to get photographs to expose them all.

It was a nice touch to contrast the sunny and rich tones of modern day Miami. Turns out the same reporter has now gone missing on a cruise line. I like how the team goes undercover in order to search the ship for clues. Of course, the ship has a full casino thus we get a nice montage of money and games of chance. There's some kind of high stakes bidding to be going on with interesting players from the organized crime world.

From this point, the story takes a whole new direction. The bidders and Bosley, undercover, end up on a secluded island. What is going on there? Did the reporter uncover all of this? You would guess so in order to tie these plots together.

Turns out the former pineapple plantation is now the production plant for a drug called Island White. It comes from an exotic flower and is more potent than heroin. And there are a number of young women who are being held captive, forced to perform the manual labor in the production. The reporter is there, of course, and has been used as a test subject for the drug.

Clearly Kate Prince is the main character we've gotten the most background on, between last episode and this one. Annie Ilonzeh is a solid actress. I can't say the same for Minka Kelly as Eve French. Sure, she looks great but she seems to have a limited range.

I fear this show is not long for the air. The ratings each week have been tumbling since the debut. They went from 8.76 million on week one to 7.11 million last week to 5.93 million this week. At least the "Angels In Chains" episode is coming next week, so that one will likely air. We might be lucky to see "Angels In Paradise" for the fifth week, but I won't hold my breath.

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