Thursday, October 6, 2011

TV: Survivor South Pacific (ep. 4)

Week four of the new season of Survivor almost didn't have live Tweeting from Jeff Probst (he got to his hotel in New York City only to find the cable was out). Ever the trooper, he rushed over to the CBS offices, sending Tout videos on the way at various times, and made it in time for the week's interactive living room. He also dedicated the show to Steve Jobs who had passed away earlier in the evening.

Let's take a look at the details of the episode.

At Redemption Island, Christine and Papa Bear were neck and neck for a beanbag tossing challenge. However, her determination stuck that final bag and guaranteed her another three days in the game. Clearly she wants back in to get revenge on Coach and his alliance for voting her out.

Jim realizes that Ozzy might be making smaller sub-alliances within their alliance of five, and decides to make his own extra deals. He approaches Cochran and Dawn about it.

Over on the Blue tribe, Brandon is all about apologizing to Mikayla but she's still not trusting him. He also reaches out to Edna, letting her know she's the sixth wheel at best.

The reward/immunity challenge is a big one - two men and one woman from each tribe are chosen to shoulder heavy weights (20 lbs a round). This was an amazing show of strength. Keith and Albert held out for 26 minutes and 180 lbs. Jim and Brandon held on for 240 lbs, setting show records for the event. I have to say, they both showed outstanding resolve to get that far. In the end though it was down to Dawn and Stacey. At the 140 lb mark, Stacy's knees buckled first and gave the win to the red tribe (Ozzy's tribe).

Back at the blue camp, Edna was worried it might be her. Stacey felt confident having performed well in the challenge. Coach had to keep Brandon from going off game, insuring the alliance stayed strong. At tribal, Brandon's emotions came to the forefront once more as he struggled with trying to move beyond his uncle Russell's shadow on the game. Then Jeff spun the group into a therapy type session that showed where the problems of the tribe lie - trust.

In the end, Stacey was sent packing by a 7 to 1 vote. And, boy, was she pissed about it. With her and Christine at Redemption Island, next week it is guaranteed that the one who remains will still be gunning for Coach and his crew.

I am really enjoying how the newer tribe members are stepping up in the game this season. It isn't the Ozzy/Coach show like last season was all about Rob. I definitely think these two are going to have to watch their backs as the merge gets closer. No one wants to see a sweep like last time. I think it makes for a more fun show to watch these newer players come up with plans of their own.

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