Saturday, October 15, 2011

TV: Charlie's Angels (2011, ep. 4)

Week three of the new Charlie’s Angels debuted this week with an episode called "Angels in Chains". As I noted previously on my blog, this was an episode I was looking forward to seeing as the original 1970's show features a memorable episode by the same title during season 1 of that show (it was episode 5). How did the new one compare?

Well, the one thing in common is that on both episodes we got to see the Angles in prison garb. In fact, the garb was very similar in the new episode as the original. That was a nice touch. But that's where the differences ended.

In the new episode, the Angels learn that a young woman has been kidnapped and is being held in a prison in Cuba. So far, it seems like there is always a woman they have to rescue. Don't these women ever have to rescue a guy? Anyway, the girls go undercover as American tourists to a Cuban hotel, subsequently get framed for drug possession and get thrown into jail - as planned. They find their client's daughter but now they have to break out.

Bosley is about to assist when CIA agent Samantha Masterson, who happens to be an old flame of his and got demoted to Cuban duty when Bosley turned to crime, gets the drop on him. The two have to work together to free the Angels. The plan however goes south (it is an hour show after all) and we learn that a rich American has a deal with the prison warden to use the women to "entertain" rich and powerful friends. Thus, we get the actresses out of grubby prison garb and into some fabulous fashions. After all, they are all pretty to look at so we have to dress up the eye-candy, right? Gotta work for those ratings.

The ending was a little too easily pulled off but in the end the group saves not only the one woman they were after but a whole group of women. Just like last week. And in the first episode. Man, there are a lot of women being held against their will on this show. Again, about saving some guys for once, please?

As I mentioned, we get more character background - this week it is Bosley's turn. Not only do we find out about Samantha but also about Elizabeth, who Bosley feels responsible for her death and who just happens to be Charlie's daughter. Now, there is a story I am interested hearing about in future episodes.

Sadly, the future isn't so heavenly for Charlie's Angels. The ratings this week were only marginally better from the week before (5.96 million viewers versus 5.93 the week before - still way down from the debut 8.76). And it was announced the day after the fourth episode aired that the show's production has officially shut down. That means that we only get whatever episodes are left in the can to air, if ABC decides to air them. Episode 5 is still scheduled for 10/20 but episode 6 is not supposed to air until 11/3.

So much for this remake.

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