Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TV: Tuesday FOX Comedies (10/4/11)

Last night was week three of the Tuesday FOX comedy line up. We had new episodes of Glee, New Girl and Raising Hope to provide the fun.

Let's look at the shows. (warning: plot *spoilers* might be leaked out here)

Glee - three for three! Another solid episode this week. Okay, we moved from three songs (last two weeks) to six this time but I was fine with them. First, we finally got to hear Mike Chang (Harry Shum) sing as well as dance, the later which is always perfection at. So glad to see him getting plot focus. Equally heavy on the plot focus was Mercedes (about time) as she and Rachel vie for the same part in the school play. Amber Reilly got featured in a couple amazing numbers. I especially enjoyed her and the rest of the cast in the number from Dream Girls. And the show finally does a song that I love from Fame - "Out Here On My Own"; Amber and Michelle killed that one. Some nice scenes with Will and Emma, and we finally meet Emma's parents (nice casting of Donny Most as her father). Overall, I am very happy with this season so far.

Programming note: looks like Glee and perhaps the other Tuesday shows too will be on break until November (according to the promos). It is that time for FOX to carry the World Series and such. So, a bit of a break and definitely a longing for more.

New Girl - first congratulations to the cast and crew for a full season pick up (that was announced last week). The gang goes to a wedding where Jesse pretends to be Nick's girlfriend. Hilarity ensues. Okay, I definitely find a few things to smile about with this show. Not a lot of laughing out loud so much. Once more, Schmidt stands out among the guys. Not really feeling the Nick character at all (he's too whiny/needy). It works out well that I can walk the dogs before bed during this show and not worry that I am missing out on much.

Raising Hope - I like that we had an episode that focused, mostly, on a past event and spotlighted Burt, Virginia and grandmother. The flashbacks really worked well in telling the tale of how Burt was "kidnapped" twenty years ago. It really showcased well how disfunctional this family has always been. Great job.

Programming note: a second episode is on this week on Wednesday night at 9:30, after X Factor. The family hits Vegas, baby!

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