Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TV: Monday CBS Comedies (9/26/11)

The second week of TV is upon us and Monday night I am firmly parked over on CBS. Here are my impressions of this week's shows (warning: there will be plot *spoilers* - proceed with caution).

How I Met Your Mother - so, Ted tells the gang about his reunion with Victoria, minus a few details. But that takes a backseat to Barney's attempt to get closer to Lilly's now-endowed breasts (thanks to pregnancy). I love the twists and turns, the plotting, the attempts at Marshall and Lilly to outfox the fox. Who wins the bet? I'm not saying but I will say it was lots of fun. I love the dynamic between these characters.

2 Broke Girls - I was feeling a bit better about this show with the second episode. It had some really good moments, some very funny one-liners, and some definite character growth to boot. This show will get the benefit of the doubt since I'm too lazy to channel surf at the half hour mark. We'll see if it keeps my attention or not.

Two and a Half Men - after a solid part one, part two of the debut storyline had its ups and downs. So glad to see Berta and Evelyn get more screen time (they always bring the A-game) and I like the addition of Judy Greer playing Walden's wife. Kind of disappointed that Jake hasn't had much to do yet (though I see interesting potential between him and Walden). Some of the plot stuff was over the top, but this show always tended to be outrageous farce. We'll see how the season unfolds from here now that all the pieces are in place (i.e. Alan now back living at the beach house).

Mike and Molly - and welcome back to my favorite new show from last season. I am a huge fan. First episode and we're right back into the thick of things. After last season's proposal, I knew the wedding stuff would be front and center for this season. Will Molly turn into a bridezilla? Very possible. Good to see the rest of the cast clicking too, especially the guys on the fishing trip. I like ending the night on a very high note. Good job.

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