Thursday, September 15, 2011

TV: Survivor South Pacific (ep. 1)

Last night, the 23rd season of the popular reality game show started. And already out of the gate Survivor: South Pacific looks to be very entertaining.

As done last season, the show features two returning former Survivor players (this time Ozzy - from the Cook Islands and Micronesia seasons, and Coach - for Tocantins and Heroes Vs. Villains) as well as the new twist of Redemption Island. There are also sixteen new players with interesting backgrounds.

I love how right out of the gate the newbies have to invest interest in the veteran that each tribe will get. It was smart of the producers to come with that head-to-head challenge for Ozzy and Coach with a worthwhile prize for both tribes. I liked two how each tribe initially reacted to their vet and, later, how each vet tried to find their place in the tribe. Initially, it looked like Ozzy would have it easy but Coach seems to be working his own angle nicely too.

I really liked the multi-aspect of the Immunity Challenge this week. Plenty of opportunties for individuals to make or break their place in the tribe. In the end, Upolu (the blue tribe, Coach's group) won and forced the Savaii (the red tribe, Ozzy's) to go to the first tribal. I like how this one played out with most definitely the right one being sent to Redemption Island (with a surprising vote no less).

There are definitely some oersonality standouts in the new group that I like: "Papa Bear" (the older, gay NYPD officer), Cochran (who so much is challening Woody Allen it is scary), and Brandon Hantz (Russell Hantz's, the most hated player in Survivor history, nephew).

I'm looking forward to seeing how this season plays out.

Oh, and Jeff Probst is back with the interactive viewing on two fronts now: live Twitter feeds (@JeffProbst) during the show and new Tout 15-second videos during the commercials. Jeff really gets the fan base and tries to give something back each week. I love that aspect of the show too. Allows me to keep my iPad handy as I watch.

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