Thursday, September 22, 2011

TV: Survivor South Pacific (ep. 2)

Last night was the second episode of the season, and once again I was watching the show with iPad in hand (for live Tweeting from @JeffProbst and watching his Tout video answers to questions during the commercial breaks).

Lots of great stuff this week. ***Spoilers*** ho below.

After nearly being voted out of the red tribe, Cochran re-invents himself in hopes to prove his worth. One thing he needs to watch though is the self-praise. I caught him doing it with his tribemates so surely they did too.

Ozzy proves how amazing he is by finding a hidden immunity without a clue (just using his experience and keen observation skills) and then how he goes about to re-hide it where only he, a true monkey, can find it. Brilliant.

Coach, meanwhile, secures his position in his tribe by having his alliance of five, plus Edna for extra measure. He is shocked when Brenden reveals his secret of being Russell's nephew. Coach knows this is crucial info that will benefit him later.

As the challenge, blue starts out strong. Their women were amazing getting that key down so fast. But their men are too slow on the puzzle challenge, allowing red to come from behind and save themselves from a second tribal.

Tribal was interesting as always. I love how Coach has things planned out and keeps things on track even when Brenden tries to push his own agenda to kick out Mikayla (me think Brenden has had issues with pretty women tempting him in his past - why else would he have such a hard-on gunning for her to be gone?). Coach nicely spins the tribal in the direction needed without breaking any loyalties, allowing the rest of the tribe to do the work and sow the seeds. In the end, Brenden does step up as the lying seems to eat at him, saying he told Sophie and Christine to vote out Mikayla. Vote goes down, Christine is sent to Redemption Island - all what Coach wanted. Smooth.

Next week: first Redemption Island challenge between Christine and Semhar. My money is on Christine wanting back in the game.

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