Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TV: Tuesday FOX comedies (9/27/11)

Another Tuesday night at our house meant another round of FOX Tuesday comedies for me. All in all, a pretty decent night. Let's get to them:

Glee - we are two for two this season! Another great episode start with nary a song in sight. We get focus again on characters and plots which is fantastic. Kurt encounters bumps in the roads for his plan to play the male lead in the school play "West Side Story" and running for class president. Rachel has a great moment with her birth mom Shelby who is now working at McKinley (for an odd reason, but this is Murphyverse where odd reasons happen). Of course, the bigger part is Shelby's interactions with Puck and Quinn - some great plot stuff totally forgotten last season (glad for this!). Great moments with Finn working for Burt and in dance camp. More Coach Bieste (and confirmation about the roast chickens)! More Brittany! And only three songs - but wonderfully done. Finally, a spoiler of sorts: we get confirmation on two more characters - Brittany is a Senior (though I will call it here and now - I say she does not graduate come June so we can have her another year) and Blaine is a Junior (smart move, Ryan Murphy). This, Glee, is how I like you. Keep it up!

New Girl - second week and I felt a little better about this show. Maybe the pilot was too over-hyped that it felt unfresh. This one focused on Jesse trying to get her stuff back from her ex, and the guys competing over the largest room in the apartment. Schmidt is still the stand-out of the guys here. I am definitely willing to give this one another couple weeks.

Raising Hope - what does the family do when they find out that Sabrina comes from money? Attempt to cash it! I really enjoyed this episode a lot. Lots of great comedy and a wonderful guest appearance by Stephen Root (from Newsradio among other places) as Sabrina's father. A great message overall too - comedy with a heart, I love it.

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