Thursday, December 15, 2011

Survivor South Pacific (episode 14)

Episode 14 of Survivor South Pacific is called "Then There Were Five" as things get tough now that the day-one alliance has to turn on one another. Oh, and we have a Redemption Island duel between Ozzy and Edna.

Let's look at the details...

Wow, this was an interesting episode. Seeing the alliance of five start out with a common goal - cheering on Edna as she faces Ozzy (boy, did they so want her to upset him in that challenge and she almost did it too) - only to then have to get back to camp and find the daggers coming out.

I have no respect for Albert at all. He has gone on to promise each of the four others to go to the final three. Therefore, they were right to call him on his lies. And boy did they. Tempers flared, voices raised. But, notice, Coach stayed completely out of it. Smart man.

We then get to the challenge, a combination of physical with that slide to retrieve bags and mental with the matching. Never would I have bet that Brandon could have pulled out the win. Yes, he could do the physical but I woefully underestimated him on doing puzzles. That win by him was amazing, and needed at just the right time. Before the challenge, we saw Coach planning to jetison Bradon as a loose cannon. The win left the tribe to scramble.

But, just when you think things will go down easy, Brandon again shows how he plays with his heart and not his head. He feels, he trusts, and he decides in a moment that he'll give Albert his immunity necklace. Do we think he'll go through it?

We get to Tribal Council and bam! - right out of the gate he gives up the necklace to Albert. Say what you will but Brandon is a man of his word, something you rarely see on Survivor. He gives it up freely even though you know he worries he made the wrong move. When he tells about his time with gangs when he was younger, we get the picture of a young man who trusted too much and was betrayed too often. History is about to repeat itself.

Albert tries to appear noble, saying he will give the necklace back to Brandon if he feels Brandon is in danger. Clearly, Albert is a huge liar or too stupid to read the rest of his tribe. With Albert safe and Coach holding tightly to that Immunity Idol, the votes can only go to three. Surprisingly, Rick manages to go unscathed. Sophie gets two votes (Brandon's and Albert's). Sophie and Rick vote for Brandon, for giving up immunity was truly a dumb move.

That leaves the final vote as Coach's. He said he prayed about it. We see him praying about it before Tribal. And he realizes he must do what he must do. Brandon has to go. And, amazingly, Brandon appears to be okay with it. That's the shocker.

So, on Sunday night, Ozzy versus Brandon to get back in the game. If anyone has a chance to beat Ozzy, it is Brandon. Does he have enough to pull it off? And then how will the final Tribals throw down? I predict Coach playing his Idol just to be safe, if he doesn't get Immunity.

This one definitely not over yet. The competition could go any possible way. That makes for a must-see finale.

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