Thursday, December 1, 2011

Survivor South Pacific (episode 12)

Counting last week's previously not shown scenes episode, that puts us at episode 12 entitled "Cult Like". We get another three way duel at Redemption Island and the final seven in the merged tribe trying to determine where do they go now that the Savaii are all out of the way.

Let's look at the details...

Starting over at Redemption Island, Ozzy battles newcomers Dawn and Whitney in a stacking contest. Okay, it is a bit more harder than stacking various sized ceramic plates and cups. They do have to use one hand to keep steady the balance arm upon which they are stacking things. If you think about it, you'll like choose your dominant hand to hold the arm steady meaning you are stacking with your less dominant one. Much harder than it looks. Still, Ozzy outlasts the ladies, sending them to be the third and fourth jury members. That's a very Savaii heavy jury already there, which could come into Ozzy's favor if he can make it back into the game and into the Final Three. Yeah, I'm not holding my breath either but it could happen with the right timing and an immunity win or two. We'll see.

Back at camp, Cochran tries to convince the others to give him one more round through tribal, given all he did to sacrifice so they could be the dominant power in the merge. Um, okay. Like they're all going to rollover, eat one of their own, and give him another day. Think again. Even a fake ploy about saying his birthday is coming (he lied - it was six months prior) doesn't curry him much favor.

Meanwhile, Albert has been showing some entitled behavior of his own about camp, not doing much. That prompts Rick to dub him "Prince Albert" when talking to Edna and Cochran. Edna is struggling too as she realizes that once Cochran goes she is next. She appeals to Coach for advice but he remains nuetral. See, Coach already has some earlier alliances that he is reluctant to break.

At the Immunity Challenge, they recycle a couple previous games. First there is the beanbag toss to land them on three crates. Albert, Rick and Sophie move on from that round. Part two is slingshotting coconuts at targets. Rick shows some fire but this was Albert's strong contest. He gets immunity and reward - a massage. He is allowed to chose a second person to receive a massage, so he picks Coach. When Jeff tells Albert he cannot pick a third, Albert shrewdly asks if he can give his massage away. Jeff says yes. Albert gives it to Cochran, as a birthday present (hey, the lie did get Cochran something). But was it Albert just being shrewd to try to buy a jury vote down the road? My gut says yes.

During the massage, Coach tells Cochran to not give up yet. Cochran takes that advice to try to stir unrest in the ranks. He tells Albert that Rick had been calling him "Prince/Princess Albert" in hopes to get him to swing the votes towards Rick. Edna is on board as she is next to the bottom (moving from 6th overall into 4th or 3rd in a new alliance is good for her). The key is getting one more vote. Cochran goes to Coach. Coach remains morally tied on which way to go.

At Tribal Council, Cochran overplayed his hand in again asking to be spared one more vote. Jeff asks Sophie her thoughts on that and she just rolls her eyes at the whole idea of changing the plans. Edna shows she's sad about being the unequal member of the Upolu alliance. Brandon, however, chimes in that Cochran is 7th, Edna is 6th, discussion closed (in his mind). Then Brandon has a bit of a breakdown as he continues to wrestle with things. Jeff tries to stir the pot by pointing out how honest and set Brandon is. Cochran belittles Brandon by saying talking strategy with him is like discussing Jeff's blue shirts. In short, Brandon is not going to mix anything up.

In the end, the votes go down with Albert and Coach sticking to their original alliance of five. Cochran is voted out 5 to 2 and sent to Redemption to face Ozzy.

I can't blame Cochran and Edna for trying to better their positions, and Albert is willing once more to make a move, but their idea to target Rick and get Coach to go along was wrong. Maybe if they targetted Brandon or tried to get Rick on board they could have made a better play. Coach is too stuck in a pattern and has his eggs in too many baskets to be moved so easily.

The previews for next week look interesting. Will Cochran beat Ozzy? Probably not. Will Edna be able to save herself and perhaps get Brandon bumped down and out? That one seems a bit more plausible, if she can spin a good case.

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