Thursday, December 8, 2011

Survivor South Pacific (episode 13)

Episode 13 of Survivor South Pacific is called "Ticking Time Bomb", and indeed I could hear the sounds of each tick getting louder and louder. The Upolu tribe is about to implode, but not before we get to a duel at Redemption Island first.

Let's look at the details...

So last week Cochran got voted out. This week he faces Ozzy at Redemption Island, and it is a competition that is fairly easily matched. You could see Cochran's nerves as he fumbled to retrieve the bags with the hook. Ozzy was cool, one two three. But Cochran made a valient effort when it came to the maze, making bold and fast moves. I was on the edge of my seat. He really came through even though he lost by a hair. But his speech before burning his buff was a nice one. Maybe he'll be back again. We'll see.

The twist of having Ozzy pick who gets to spend time with their family members was a nice one. It put him in a really tough spot. Of course, Ozzy played it strategically - picking Albert, Coach and Brandon in hopes to curry favor later. Will it pay off? We'll see.

So, Brandon gets his devotion from his Dad, but Dad still wants to see his boy bring home the money. That Hantz family is one screwed up group.

And seeing Coach spend time to strategize with Ozzy was interesting too. Is he serious about taking Ozzy to the final three given he's already promised to stick with his tribe of five? I question that.

What I am surprised we did not see is any of Edna, Sophie and Jim talking while the others were away. That is when Edna should have started to try and sway votes. Instead, she starts in at the challenge when Brandon makes it no secret that he's targetting her. She tries to sway Coach, then Albert and Sophie. Why not sway Jim? He seemed offended at Brandon. Or were each of the four thinking Brandon makes the perfect goat to take to the final three? I am thinking that is the likely scenario. After all, not a one came to Edna's defense at tribal.

The Upolu need to realize that now with Edna voted out that they are in a pickle. The easy votes are gone. They now have to break that five-alliance. Who has sub-alliances? Who over-committed themselves? If Edna cannot beat Ozzy at Redemption (the promos make it appear she might but don't believe everything the editors put together), Ozzy will be back. If he can go on an immunity run and get to the final three, he is a lock on at least four jury votes (Cochran is a swing there).

Two more episodes left to go - this one is definitely going to be up in the air until the final night. And that makes for good viewing as far as I am concerned. Game on!

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