Monday, December 19, 2011

Survivor South Pacific (ep. 16 - Reunion)

So earlier today I blogged about the final episode of Survivor South Pacific (click here for that post). It has been an interesting season to see how it would all play out.

Now, we move on the live reunion show where, among other things, we get to see how well folks clean up.

Let's look at the details...

As I noted in the finale post, the final tribal went down and Sophie managed to pull out a victory. As the reunion show started, we see the votes go back and forth (one for Coach, one for her) until the three-three tie. Then it is Sophie, Sophie and, most likely, Sophie for a 6-3 win. Poor Albert didn't get a vote but I never expected him to.

It is always important for Jeff to focus first on the winner because, after all, they did win. And Sophie came across very well.

And, of course, Jeff touches on Coach's decision on who to take to the end. I like when Jeff strong polled the jury to show that Coach might have won if he kept Rick at five and voted Sophie out. But, of course, that probably would have put Ozzy as winner of the final immunity and, clearly, the jury would have given it to Ozzy over anyone else had he made it there. So, either way, Coach loses the money. Glad he learned to find joy in the game as a consolation prize.

Albert gets very little air time, no surprise. He really did coat-tail ride in my opinion.

Ozzy, of course, gets a lion's share of the air time and boy did he go on and on and on. I get where is love of nature and being on the adventure was coming from; it was obvious from the show. And his words to kids about learning to get up after failing and try again is a nice one. He definitely deserved the fan-favorite award.

I was in the camp of liking Cochran. I get what he tried to do and get how the social game really freaked him out. I am sure if I were on the show I'd be in the same boat (trust me, roughing it like that would so have me freaked out). I wouldn't mind seeing him back someday.

I really felt for Brandon. The fact that most of his family disapproved of his game play was sad. Even sadder is we had to watch Uncle Russell, the most hated Survivor villain ever (Jeff's words - twice) berate him on live TV. You could tell he made impressions on folks like Dawn, Jim, Rick and even Coach. These folks clearly felt the young man's pain. I know Jeff proposed a Hantz vs. Hantz game but I'd hate to see Brandon subjected to that. I wouldn't mind seeing him return, but I for one have had enough of Russell. Please go away.

Nice to see Edna expecting. Not so thrilled about Whitney and Keith, given the fact that she basically cheated on her marriage while on the island. But what can you do. Always nice to hear from Dawn. Jim might be fun to see back again too, just because I think he's got potential. And, as always, the back row gets mostly ignored (I half forgot most of them by this point anyway).

I did like the teaser for next season - Survivor One World, coming in February. I think it has potential for some new interactions having two tribes on one island. No mention of Redemption Island - I would like to see that gone for awhile. No mention of any returning players either - I wouldn't mind taking a break from that too this time around.

Thanks for reading my blog posts each week. See you all in another month or so for another season!

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