Saturday, May 14, 2011

Film Review: Thor (2011)

We just got back from seeing Thor in the theatres. And, for those concerned, this will be a spoiler-free review (I don't like ruining films for others).

Let me preface by saying that I never was a huge fan of Thor comics. Yes, I am very familiar with the character, his origin, his supporting cast, villains, etc. I got a lot of this from the cartoons in the 60's (taken directly from the comics - remember those Marvel 'toons? Classic.). I also got a lot from Thor's appearances in Avengers which I did love - I always felt he made for an interesting team member.

So, going into this movie I was not going to be a stickler on continuity. Granted, for super-hero movies I never am. I always feel these films need to stand on their own - that they take place in an alternate universe. That way they live and die on their own merits.

Given all that, I must say I enjoyed Thor quite a bit. I was impressed with the acting, the special effects, the plot. It all worked together to tell a good story - amid the backdrop of the bigger shared film continuity that the recent Marvel films have been doing. All the elements of the comics I would have expected were there - Thor's coming to Earth, Asgard, Odin, Loki, his allies, Jane Foster. They managed to fit all of this in, give a solid origin, tell a good story and do it all without getting boring or feeling rushed. I never once looked at my watch. I was thoroughly entertained!

Now, my only suggestion - if you want to save a little green, forgo the 3D. While the 3D doesn't hurt the film, I don't think it needed it. If I had the choice (which I didn't really - outvoted 1 to 2 in our household) I would have gone to see the 2D version and would have been perfectly satisfied.

Oh, and stay through the credits for the "final scene". It is small but revealing.

I definitely give this one a big "thumbs up" and recommend you see it on the big screen if you can. An action film like this one warrants seeing in the theatres.

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