Sunday, May 1, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (4/27/11)

Brightest Day #24 (of 24) - the final issue where all things are answered, sort of. After last issues surprising reveal of Swamp Thing returning to the DCU proper, this issue completes the saga (for now) of the white lantern. It also opens up plotlines for upcoming Aquaman, Firestorm, and Hawkman series - plus the upcoming Search For Swamp Thing mini. I have to say that overall I enjoyed this mini, mostly because it really helped return so many great characters back into the spotlight - a spotlight that should continue in the next year. For that, this mini worked for me.

Justice League: Generation Lost #24 (of 24)- again, another final issue. This one sort of ended as I expected - as a lead-in to a new Justice League International series. But the overall story was long, drawn out, and in the end not quite so satisfying. In hindsight, this is probably one I could have skipped entirely and been perfectly fine with doing so. Ah well.

Justice Society of America #50 - the anniversary was a mixed bag. I loved the first 10 pages because of George Perez' art. The next six pages is sort of a prelude to the later part of the issue - kind of dull and the art by Freddie Williams II not so appealing (hard to follow Perez). The next 10 pages didn't give me anything new story-wise (seen it all before) and the Howard Chaykin art was pretty uneven. The final 20 pages read like a regular issue of the book - with Tom Derenick art which was good. The story deals with Jay Garrick becoming mayor of Monument Point, the return of Degaton, and a mystery involving Jessie Quick that will be the focus of future issues I am sure. So, overall, it was only 50% for me.

the Flash #11 - "the Road to Flashpoint" continues - with an intervention? Seriously? For a book about speedsters, this issue was sort of a drag. I get that there needed to be some interaction between Barry and his supporting cast (Iris, Jay, Wally and Bart) but this wasn't the best way to do it. I was bored. The only saving parts were the stuff with Hot Pursuit and the Reverse Flash.


Noetic_Hatter said...

I am wondering if maybe a 24-issue limited should actually be called a "maxi-series"? LOL

Martin Maenza said...

You're right. I should have said maxi-series. ;)