Sunday, May 22, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (5/18/11)

Booster Gold #44 - Booster is the only mainline book that is crossing over with Flashpoint, which makes sense since he is a time traveller. This issue begins that arc. We get a little taste of the Flashpoint world, including the changes to Coast City and the government's secret weapon (no spoiler here!). Good stuff. It also marks the return of Dan Jurgens to the writing and pencilling on the book. I am very pleased for that!

Justice League of America #57 - "the Rise of Eclipso" storyline continues. There are nice references to what's going on in JSA as well as the Brightest Day event, but once again the issue's main focus is with Eclipso. The JLA seems to be guest stars in their own title. Hopefully Robinson can resolve that quickly. More kudos to Booth and Rapmund - their art on this issue is fantastic.

Legion of Super-Heroes #13 - the Legion of Super-Villains arc continues nicely. Paul Levitz is the master at juggling huge casts and allowing each character shown to have their moments. My only complaint is the issues go by so quickly. This is a book that could use extra pages each month. DC needs to dump those previews and fold those pages back into the main book for story.

Teen Titans #95 - continuing to enjoy Krul's arc here. It has a nice epic feel with a slow build and lots of character moments. That last page was surprising. "Behold, Rankor restored!" indeed. Not sure how this one is going to end but it will be a big fight.

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