Friday, May 6, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (5/4/11)

Adventure Comics #526 - sadly, Phil Jimenez is only doing the covers, but Geraldo Borges has stepped up to the art on the main feature and did a great job. Enjoyed the Legion Academy lead very much. This is a fine addition to the Legion mythos. The backup tale with Xs was alright - good to see the character back but was hoping for a bit more meat. Always good to see the Moys artwork.

JSA All-Stars #18 - man, that final issue for the series was painful. The storyline seemed very rushed as was the artwork. And the whole destruction of a 500-mile radius part of upstate NY (actually, that's most of the state if you do the math right) - yikes! What editor approved of that? It would have major ramifications on other books, but, of course, you know it won't. Poor decision and poor continuity. Sigh.

Secret Six #33 - Gail Simone and J. Calafiore are on fire, and know that was not a Hell reference. They continue to add depth to these villains. This is how to tell a great story. If you like your books with dark humor and a lot of edge, this is a comic you should be reading. Consistenly one of the best each month.

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