Sunday, August 28, 2011

Book Review: Space

Space by Emily Sue Harvey

I had the opportunity to read Space by Emily Sue Harvey before its September 13th, 2011, publication date and found it to be an enjoyable book. It tells the story of Deede and Dan Stowe, a couple who has been married thirty-five years. But as they are about to celebrate this milestone, their world is turned upside-down when they learn that their grown daughter Faith has a drug-addiction problem. From there, the book unfolds of the daily struggles of a near-retired couple having to deal with a troubled child who has returned to the nest.

I found the prologue quickly pulled me into the world of the Stowes and their extended family the Eagles. I appreciated how the author used episodic flashbacks to fill in the back history as needed. The characters came across as real and multi-faceted. The author did not rely upon stereotypes or cliches to round out their personalities; she provided them with both strengths and flaws.

This typically is not the type of book I would actively read. I am more of a sci-fi/fantasy/thriller kind of reader. Space is very much a personal/domestic/real-life drama. But, there were pieces of this story that really clicked with me and that's what made it so difficult to put down.

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