Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (8/17/11)

As I get closer and closer to my final comic book buying day (August 31st), I am finding every book I read from DC is less and less enjoyable. I actually knocked through all of my books from today while on the treadmill. Here's the skinny:

Flashpoint: Abin Sur #3 (of 3) - this final issue had two artists and it showed. The beginning and end pages were not too bad but the middle ones were horrendous. This mini was fair at best with the final pages possibly setting up a key element for the final issue of Flashpoint and the restart of the new DCU for September.

Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #3 (of 3) - this one ended pretty much as I expected - Cyborg owns Heat Wave, there is a lot of gratuitous violence and the ending implies that Heat Wave gets what he deserves. Sad. At the very least this issue spotlighted Cyborg, certainly showing some elements that will likely get some use when the new DCU launches with him as a founder of the Justice League. Beyond that, this mini was pretty skippable too.

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #3 (of 3) - I had a few problems with this final issue. First, it is practically half a retread of last week's Aquaman final issue. Yes, we get to see the motivation of the traitors revealed but that was about it. Next, it ruined the final issue of Lois Lane and the Resistance next week. Thanks a lot, Dan Abnett. Finally, for a mini that was supposed to also feature some Furies, we hardly got to see them more than just foot-soldiers at best. Wasted potential.

Justice League of America #60 - the final issue of Robinson's run and we know already that the team is disbanding. Funny, but a lot of the issue is about justifying why each of the team members is leaving. The rest of some Reader's Digest recaps of grand adventures of the team that never got to be fully written. Were these plots Robinson had planned out for the next few years? If so, sad to see they never happened. Most likely he knew the books were all coming to an end with relaunch and decided to blow out as many ideas as he could - knowing most would not fit/apply in the new revised continuity. So much lost potential here. Robinson clearly loves these characters though and wanted some happy endings (I won't run them). Funny but the final two page conversation between Dick and Donna seemed very much like a commentary on the relaunch. "Do you think they'll remember us?" "I want them to forget. Me anyway. I want the world to forget I ever existed."

One more full week left to go, then the final week with one title.

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