Thursday, April 12, 2012

TV: Survivor - One World (ep. 9)

The blindsides contined with last week's episode Survivor: One World. Mike did not have a clue that he was the next to be voted off the island. Now he and Jonas are the first two members of the jury.

The guys are now down to four versus the six women. It would appear that they are holding all of the cards and appear to be a strong block. Leif, Jay, Troyzan and Tarzan should be plenty worried at this point.

The title of the episode this week is "Go Out With a Bang". The previews say that the individual immunity is in high gear, and the Tikiano tribe goes into panic mode as the rumors of a hidden immunity idol begin to surface.

Let's look at the episode...

Troyzan and Jay are worried about the numbers. Troyzan though is certain that idol he has is going to come in handy.

For reward, they draw random into two teams. The game is tossing bolos and trying to earn points. The winners are the red team (Jay, Troyzan, Tarzan, Alicia and Kat) and they get a boat ride to a beach for a barbeque. Rum is drunk, strategy is discussed. Kat keeps a very cool head when Jay questions her about how things should go next. He wants Alicia out.

Kim later talks with Chelsea and the other women. They want to target the strong men first (Jay and Troyzan). Chelsea is reluctant to go in on this as she had an alliance with the two. Sabrina, Kat and Alicia are all concerned about her waffling on the all-girl alliance.

Jay and Troyzan talk again, once more pointing towards Alicia being next. Jay, however, admits privately to the camera that he thinks Troyzan is dangerous. How right he is! Jay is still planning to trust his girls (Kim and Chelsea). How wrong he is! They are the two masterminds of the all-girl alliance and oh, PS, they have a hidden immunity idol that only they two know about.

For individual immunity, it is a the simple hand chained to the bucket. Let your arm drop, you get doused and are out. But, Jeff plans to tempt them to step down with food.

Tarzan can't hold out but a few seconds. Christina is out right behind him. The first food offering is milk and cookies - Sabrina drops out instantly for that. Next up are cupcakes and milk - Kim and Kat go out together to share that. Chelsea is getting a little annoyed that her alliance of gals has all bailed. Alicia already tells everyone she is out on the next food item, saying she will let Chelsea fight for it.

What is up with these women? I would never, ever drop out of an immunity challenge for food.

Alicia drops at the first sight of the candy and chocolate. The game continues. Troyzan loses it and is out. Jeff next pulls out some chicken wings and beer. Jay instantly drops. What?!? Are you kidding me? Jay is a fool to be sure - hope those were worth losing.

Leif and Chelsea appear to be in for the long haul. Jeff pulls out one last food temptation - two burgers, chips and a beer. Chelsea manages to talk Leif into taking the food, saying if he does it makes him less of a target. He caves. Chelsea wins immunity. As a goodwill gesture, Leif shares his food with her. Smart move there.

Back at the beach, Kim and Chelsea lay out the plan to split the votes across Jay and Troyzan. It appears they feel confident that they can get Tarzan and Leif to help do the dirty work.

Troyzan meanwhile shows Jay that he has the hidden immunity idol. Jay scampers off to tell Chelsea. Troyzan meanwhile shows it to Christina too in an attempt to keep votes away from him.

Tribal turns out to be really interesting. Jay, Troyzan and Kim feel a bit unsafe. Is Kim playing the guys with this? I think so.

The votes are cast. Jeff asks if anyone has an idol they want to play that they should speak up. Troyzan decides to turn his in to be safe. The votes are revealed - first two for him. It looks like maybe that was a smart play. Then we see one for Kim and one for Alicia. Then the Jay storm hits - one vote, two, three, four and that's enough to get him voted out.

Smart play on Kim and Chelsea's part. They not only got rid of one of the two strongest guys (Jay) but they got Troyzan to flush his idol, putting him in an exposed state for the future. Well played, ladies.

From how we saw the votes revealed, Leif is clearly out of the loop (he voted for Alicia along with Jay). What is even more interesting though is that Tarzan was convinced to join in with the women to take out Jay. Clearly, Tarzan realizes it is open season on the men. Maybe he figures if he is the last man standing, that makes him a better man than any of the others before him.

Next week should be interesting indeed.

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