Thursday, April 19, 2012

TV: Survivor - One World (ep. 10)

For three weeks in a row on Survivor: One World we have had three blindsides. First, Jonas. Then Mike. And last week, Jay. The alliance of women are picking off the guys one by one and the guys are letting them do it to them.

The title of the episode this week is "I'm No Dummy". The previews say that the group goes on the attack when one tribe member forces a confrontation (from the commercials, I think this could be Troyzan). Also, it is time for messages from home.

Let's look at the episode...

Troyzan knows he is next to go and makes no bones about it. He first attacks Christina, then Alicia - in front of everyone. He is fired up and now standing alone. Chelsea tells him to just take it like a man.

The group finds out it is auction time. Everyone is given $500 to spend or keep. But Jeff has some tempting items on the block. Here is how things shake out.

Chelsea bids $160 on donuts and iced coffee. Sabrina spends $400 on chips, guacamole and a margarita. Leif spends $140 on a banana-protein shake. All very poor uses of the money, in my humble opinion.

Kim gets a shower and the ability to brush her teeth for $40 (a bargain). Kat bids $180 for a BLT, chips and an iced tea. From the shower, Kim wins peanut butter and chocolate for $240.

Next up are letters from home. Alicia sets the ceiling at $500 and cries when she reads a letter from her Dad. Tarzan loses it and spends his $500 on his letter too (he does not share it with the group though).

Next item is an advantage in the next challenge. Troyzan is ready to win it. The women try to get Christina to bid against him as she is the only one with enough cash left to beat him. Troyzan takes it for $420. This disappoints the women as they felt Christina could have gone for the whole $500 to win it but did not.

The last item is a mystery with a note. Kat wins it for $160. It is a cake that the entire group gets to share, but only for 60 seconds. They devour it. Auction done.

Troyzan reads his note and finds out he gets to jump to the second stage for the immunity challenge. Smart way to spend the money as his odds of winning immunity move from 1 in 9 to 1 in 4. He also starts to hunt for an idol around camp, just in case. When the others start to look too, he pretends to have pocketed one.

At the immunity challenge, Troyzan reads his note and moves to the bench. Now the other eight compete to untie rope for one of the other three spots. The winners are Tarzan, Kim and Christina.

Round two is breaking three targets with a bounced coconut. Troyzan and Tarzan move on.

Final round is using a slingshot to break three tiles in a row. The contest is a close one with each guy very close to winning. Last shot: Tarzan misses and Troyzan makes the vertical row. He pulls out the win he so desperately needed. He then proceeds to talk smack, angering the women greatly. Tarzan tells him he should be noble when he wins but Troyzan says he is just being competitive.

Kim and Chelsea strategize. They realize they have to take out a guy in order to keep harmony among the women.

Troyzan meanwhile tries to rally Leif, Tarzan, Christina and Alicia to team up to vote out Kim. He says he will join them in that. This is a smart numbers game as the five are at the bottom of the pecking order.

At tribal, Troyzan argues first with Chelsea then with Sabrina. This does not endure him to anyone except perhaps the poor guys already picked off and on the jury. Chelsea then points out that the old Minano tribe is still got a block (the four Troyzan tried to unite). Troyzan then tips his plan for them to go after Kim.

Everyone votes. Kim and Chelsea do not play their idol though to protect Kim. Clearly they feel confident in how things will throw down. Did they talk to others? Let's see how the votes went.

Troyzan and Leif vote for Kim (that's two).

Christina, Alicia and Kim vote for Tarzan (that's three).

Chelsea, Sabrina, Kat and Tarzan(!) vote for Leif. That's four and Leif is out.

So, as we saw last week, Tarzan has been very much voting with the women to take out the men. He did it last week too. It looks like Kim and Chelsea worked out a master plan to split the votes, throw Troyzan off his game some, and still kept Tarzan in their pocket to help them.

Clearly there is some secret discussions going on that the editors are not yet showing us. Will we see them? Just what are the alliances now? Is Tarzan everyone's favorite goat?

Next week should prove interesting.

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