Thursday, April 26, 2012

TV: Survivor - One World (ep. 11)

And another guy bites the dust on Survivor: One World. Last week, the alliance of six women and their unlikely ally Tarzan took out unsuspecting Leif, leaving Troyzan without anyone to turn to in the game.

The title of the episode this week is "Never Say Die". The previews suggest that things get wet and wild for the one of the challenges. The winners of reward get a picnic while the sore losers have a chance to conspire back at camp. Also, the feelings of alienation drive leery tribe members to seek out all of their elimination options.

Let's look at the episode...

After the last tribal, Tarzan is ready to side with the women to stay in the game (as if he hadn't been doing that already). Troyzan feels he is all alone in his battle to stay alive. Kim is worried that her name came up in the last vote.

The reward challenge involves answering questions then determining how the group voted. Winners get to take a chop at a rope holding effigies of the tribe members. Three chops and you go up in flames, literally. Troy is the first one burned, followed by Tarzan, Chelsea, Kat, Sabrina, Christina and Alicia. Kim wins the picnic reward and has to chose one person. She takes Alicia as the last one standing against her. Jeff makes Kim pick one more, so she choses Chelsea. As the three enjoy the picnic, Kim is worried about what might be going on at camp.

Troyzan made no delay in putting the seeds in the heads of Kat and others. He says who Kim picked is her final three choices. That angers Kat. Sabrina tries to do damage control with her, knowing exactly what Troyzan was doing. She also notes how easily Christina is swayed which could be a problem.

When the others return, Kim gets Kat alone to talk. Try as she might, Kim cannot ease Kat's frustration. Kim realizes that she might have made a mistake in who she took on the reward.

During a rain storm, a pig wanders into camp. The comedy ensues as they group tries to catch it and/or kill it. Some end up running away from it.

The Immunity challenge is a giant slip-and-slide. Contestants have to grease up, slide and get rings to toss on a hook. Yes, oiling up bikini clad women. Guys had to think this challenge up.

Round 1: Chelsea beats Alicia, Kat beats Sabrina, Tarzan beats Troyzan, and Kim beats Christina.

Round 2: Chelsea beats Kat, and Kim beats Tarzan.

Round 3: Kim beats Chelsea and has immunity. The women are pleased and Troyzan starts to worry.

Kim still thinks Troyzan might have an idol, so she lays out the plan to split the vote. Kat is tired of being told what to do. Sabrina tells Christina the plan and that Christina is the other split person. Uh, hello. Christina does not figure out she'll go if Troyzan has an idol (which he does not). Even worse, Christina tells Troyzan the plan. D'oh!

At tribal, Troyzan does his best to bluff with confidence. Is it enough?

The votes go down like this:

Christina votes for Chelsea. Troyzan, Tarzan and Sabrina vote for Christina (three votes). Kim, Kat, Alicia and Chelsea vote for Troyzan (four votes).

As he walks off, bested, Troyzan leans down and whispers to Kat "do it". That seems to brighten her confidence.

So, now the jury is full of five men. Only Tarzan remains with six women. That cat fight is about to start. Is he smart enough to ride under the radar? If he can get taken to the final three as a goat, will the guys vote for him just because he is the last guy standing?

Too soon to tell how this will end, and I like that. It keeps me coming back for me.

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