Thursday, February 23, 2012

TV: Survivor - One World (episode 2)

Last week was a solid opening for Survivor: One World - lots of interaction, lots of conflict, lots of potential.

This week's title "Total Dysfunction" not only described one of the tribes but also the whole episode in general.

Let's look at the episode...

After tribal, Christina tries to talk to Alicia to make some amends. While Alicia is saying all is cool, she's still ready to dump Christina first chance they get.

Sabrina realizes the women need some focus and offers to act as the tribe's leader. Make sense since she's a school teacher and most of these younger women are as immature as the kids she teaches.

The Reward challenge is kind of odd in how it is presented. First, where's Jeff? This was more like a Big Brother challenge with someone reading the rules, etc. Come on, show, don't cut our Jeff time. So, any way, the challenge is to untie knots to free the ring. First time that gets it wins a tarp for their shelter. The women struggle while the guys work cool and controlled. Easy victory for them.

Colton continues to do nothing around his camp and would rather go hang with the girls. This does not go unnoticed by the guys. He is putting a target on his back. However, he isn't doing well with the women he feels a closer affinity to either. They are starting to see him as an annoyance, constantly hanging out. They fake a meeting to get him to leave, but he just comes back.

That night, Colton decides he needs to try to fit in with his tribe. To do that, he shows the misfit-four (Troyzan, Tarzan, Leif and Jonas) the hidden immunity idol. The five decide to make their own sub-alliance to counter the buff-macho-dude quartet.

Jeff does show up for the Immunity Challenge, a mix of balance and communication. Everyone lines up on a narrow beam and they have to pass one person around all others to get to the end. Big rule: no touching more than one person at a time. This is the big problem for the women. That and 22 year old Kat just can't seem to get the women moving towards the end goal. The guys have no problem with close contact, even with openly gay Colton. They win immunity and send the women to tribal once more.

Nina, the oldest woman (age 51) and police officer, tries to make a case to get rid of Kat. She seems to be making some reasonable arguments. But will Chelsea, Kim and Sabrina vote against their own alliance of five? Turns out not yet. They'll keep Kat and vote out the one who isn't working with them. Nina is sent packing.

The women have really got to get their act together or they'll continue to be picked off one by one. There won't be much left of the group come merger time. Clearly the guys are on a roll with no signs of cracking yet. Not a good thing here.

I much more preferred last week to this week. What started out as a red-hot season has cooled a bit for me. I hope next week kicks it back up.

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