Thursday, February 16, 2012

TV: Survivor - One World (episode 1)

It has been a few months, but Jeff Probst is back on the air on Wednesday nights with season twenty four of Survivor. Even though we're still in Upolu, Samoa, once again, Survivor: One World comes with a bunch of new twists.

In the past, the two starting tribes were kept on seperate beaches. Not so this time. Both tribes are living together in one camp right from the start. Two make things easier to remember who is on what tribe, the tribes start out split as men vs. women (which has been done a few times previously).

Gone is the concept of Redemption Island, at least for this season.

Final twist involves the hidden immunity idols. If a castaway finds the idol for their tribe, they can use it for themselves. But if they find the idol for the other tribe, they have to give it to someone on the other tribe. That should make for some interesting dynamics.

Let's look at the first episode...

So "Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules" starts us out with eighteen contestants. There are nine guys, nine gals, and no returning former contestants looking for another chance to win. I like that. I'm kind of burned out on the returning folks.

This episode really helped to spotlight a number of contestants right out of the gate. There is Kourtney with her dorky hat, Colton who is very much gay and not hiding it, Greg Smith (who goes by Tarzan) and Troy Robertson (who goes by Troyzan) - the elder male contestants.

I love how Jeff tells them they have sixty seconds to strip the truck of anything useful. Michael Jefferson decides to spend his time stealing everything the girls take off the truck. When the women accuse them of it, all the men side together and feign innocence. That sets the tone.

The hike to camp is interesting. We see the guys realizing what all their plundering cost them (so much to haul to camp). The women have less but they also start working on alliances with Alicia Rosa setting up a women's group of five from the get go.

Surprise, surprise when both tribes realize they have to share the same beach. Will they come together? Hell no. The guys are confident that the women need them more and want to keep it all seperate. Of course, they try to bargain when it is found that there are chickens to be caught. Country girl Chelsea Meissner manages to snag two with her bare hands. Will the girls share them? They say not without a trade. Maybe for the axe the guys stole? Nope. Matt Quinlan says no deal. Jay Byars is in agreement - he will not deal with the women either. Lines formed.

Colton clearly is not comfortable around all the young buff guys, so he goes over and makes friends with the gals. He'd rather play with them.

The guys make fire and the women want some. They try asking. No go. They are asked to trade a chicken. Nope, not gonna happen. Two of the other girls try to get to sit by the fire that night but are blocked by the guys. Monica Culpepper and Christina Cha decide a midnight stealth run is in order. They hit the guys camp after they all are sound asleep, steal an ember and take it back to their camp. They start a fire but it does not last. Nice try though. I like their inventiveness.

Christina then offers a deal with the guys - the women will weave forty fronds together for a roof in exchange for fire. Alicia is not down with this. Still, the women do the deed to get it done.

Sabrina Thompson goes poking around for hidden immunity idols and finds one, but it can only be used by the guys. She deicdes to give it to Colton in hopes that he'll use it later as a power play to take out one of the strong guys.

Time for the challenge and it is a tough one. Lots of physical involved. Kourtney however fails to take Jeff's advice, hits the net wrong and ends up messing up her wrist. That stops the competition halfway through with the guys in the lead. Medical is called in and decide she needs to go for x-rays. Jeff gives the guys a choice: take the automatic win as not all nine girls can finish OR finish the contest. The guys take it to a vote and say they want the instant win. This enrages the women. Clearly they think the guys are cowards and I agree.

So, the ladies are going to tribal. Sabrina thinks they should target Kourtney. The other women want to wait and see before deciding. Alicia however has her sights set on Christina. At tribal, it gets catty. Christina even tells Alicia to shut up at one point. Jeff just listens with mouth wide open. Clearly he doesn't get paid enough to handle trying to keep nine women organized. Chelsea even admits that they all won't agree unless it is something right in front of them. Total anarchy.

Once all that airs, Jeff gives them the news. Kourtney is okay, in good spirits but had broken her wrist. She needs surgery and thus is out of the game. So, no vote. Still, these eight women are going to have to pull it together and fast.

I really enjoyed tonight's show. Lots of opportunities to meet new players. Many I do not like so far (most of the guy tribe) but the conflicts are going to really make this season a good one.

See you next week for more fun.

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