Monday, February 20, 2012

TV: Once Upon A Time (ep. 13)

Ratings were down for Once Upon A Time last Sunday (I suspect due to the Grammy Amwards running at the same time). A shame as "Skin Deep" was a solid episode.

This week's episode is entitled "What Happened to Frederick". In Storybrooke, David finally acts to end his loveless marriage to Kathryn by revealing his secret relationship with Mary Margaret. In the land of fairy tales, Prince Charming's search for Snow White includes a dangerous task by Abigail to recover something precious that was lost to her.

Let's get to the episode breakdown, shall we?

Starting with the Fairytale sides, as always, Abigail arrives at King George's castle but James is not there. He has left to find Snow White, though the King's men are hot on his tail. Abigail and her guards find James first. she offers him safe passage to Midas's realm so he can be safe. James tells her that he loves another and Abigail understands for she too loves another. She shows him a figure in gold and explains that this is Frederick, her love who was accidentally turned to gold while trying to protect Midas. The only way to break the curse is with some water from an enchanted lake. James agrees to retrieve it for her

At the lake, James finds it is guarded by a siren who can use illusions to change her appearance. When James resists her, she alters her look to appear as Snow White. Through a kiss, she drags him underwater to drown him and feast on his flesh. He tries to escape. Plants hold him down. When the siren gets close, he stabs her with a dagger and kills her. Free, he escapes to the surface and takes his prize.

James returns the water to Abigail, and it restores Frederick to flesh. James tells the two to be we'd and find happiness. He rides off, runs into Red Ridinghood and learns that Snow still loves him. The two flee when King George's troops arrive.

In Storybrooke, Kathryn has gotten accepted to law school in Boston. She wants them to make a new start. David is reluctant. He tells Mary Margaret who says they must be honest with Kathryn. David says he will tell the truth but does not.

Emma learns the mystery writer's name - August Wayne Booth. He offers to take her for a drink after work. We learn that he has also been using photography to make a duplicate copy of Henry's book.

Kathryn goes to see Regina. The Mayor lets it slip about Mary Margaret and David, and even shows her pictures of the two together. Regina wanted Kathryn and David to work it out. Kathryn goes to the school, slaps Mary Margaret and makes a scene. Soon everyone in town knows. Even Granny says Mary Margaret should be ashamed of herself.

August picks up Emma and takes her to a "watering hole" he knows. Turns out it is the town wishing well. He tells her of the legend that the well is fed by a magic lake. It is all on the plaque on the well. The water is supposed to return that which was lost. They share some water. Later, Emma finds the box with Henry's book by her car (he planted it there). She returns the book to Henry.

Mary Margaret tells David they have to stop seeing each other as it is destructive.

Kathryn meanwhile realizes David never looked at her like he looks at Mary Margaret. She tells Regina that she is going to Boston and left David a letter to tell him to be with the one he really loves. Regina uses her specials keys to enter David's home to steal the letter (the mayor has the keys to all Storybrooke buildings it appears). As Regina burns the letter, Kathryn tries to leave town. Some guy finds her car crashed just before the town border but Kathryn's body is missing.

This was a good episode but not as great as the last few weeks. For me, I find David/James and Mary Margaret/Snow boring. But we did find out what Regina's keys were for and what August did with the book. So, overall plot advancement is good.

The show resumes in two weeks on March 4th. See you then.

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