Thursday, May 3, 2012

TV: Survivor - One World (ep. 12)

Survivor: One World is in an interesting position. After last week's removal of Troyzan, the field is left with one male (Tarzan) versus the strong alliance of six women.

The title of the episode this week is "It's Gonna Be Chaos". The previews suggest that the walls are about to come down for the Tikiano tribe thanks to an emotional moment with their loved ones. And, one of the castaways decides to create animosity amongst the wounded tribe members.

Sounds like it should prove to be very interesting indeed. Let's look at the episode...

Alicia makes it clear to the camera that she wants Sabrina gone before Christina. She sees her as a threat. Alicia also thinks she is running the show. Delusional.

Tree mail brings the Sprint phone. That means messages from loved ones. Lots of tears flow. Even more so when they get to the reward challenge with Jeff and their family members.

The contest is a rope-management puzzle. The loved ones compete with their Survivor. The challenge quickly turns to those in it and those out. In the end, Kat and her cousin Robbie pull out the victory. And Kat is so not humble about it. Big mistake.

Jeff has her pick someone to join them on reward. First choice is Kim and her siser. She gets a second choice and choses Alicia and her sister. Big mistake number two. Both Sabrina and Chelsea think she should have picked Tarzan (as he is older and should get time with his wife) and Christina (whose father has life-shortening health issues).

At the reward, Kim is thinking that Kat and Alicia are the perfect goats to take to the end for her to easily win the million.

At camp, Chelsea and Sabrina really think Kat should be the next to go.

When they return to camp, Kim tells Chelsea that Sabrina should be the next to go. I am not sure Chelsea is totally on board with that. Kim still thinks regardless of what happens at the next challenge that she needs to go out get immunity, just to be safe.

The immunity challenge is a physical one: stand on a ledge over the water, holding a bar behind your back. Incrementally, the bar will get slack and lean you more over the water. Fall in and you are out. Oh fun! Jeff looks like he was having way too much fun cranking the wench to lower the players.

Sabrina is out after ten minutes, followed by Tarzan. At twenty minutes, Alicia jumps in. Chelsea too gives up followed by Christina. That leaves Kat and Kim to fight it out. After an hour passes, both are still holding in there. Kim is like a rock but Kat has started to gripe, especially that Kim won't let her win it. Selfish brat. Finally, Kat falls and Kim is victorious once more. Kat is so pissed she won't even congratulate Kim for winning.

Back at camp, Alicia has changed her mind. Sabrina fell out first, proving she has no challenge game. But Kat has shown to be a tough competitor in the last few challenges. She tries to convince Kim that Kat needs to go next. Kim still wants Sabrina gone, worried about the brain at a final jury. Chelsea would rather Kat be gone too and tries to convince Kim.

From one brief scene, we definitely see that Kim has Tarzan under her thumb and has been voting however she has wanted these past few times. Interesting.

At tribal, Kat gets upset when discussion turns to her. Many see that she uses her age of 22 as an excuse when she screws up. Kat defends her picks for the reward as those she wanted to have fun with - she was not thinking strategy. She also remarks how she thinks blindsides are cool and fun.

Uh oh. That's a bad omen right there.

The votes go down with Kat voting for Sabrina. Sadly for Kat, that is the only vote that goes Sabrina's way. All the other six vote for Kat, giving her one of those "cool and fun" blindsides she loves. Oh, what's that? Kat's face is in pure shock and she cries walking over the bridge to leave. I guess they are only cool and fun when she's not on the receiving end. Karma is a pain when it bites you in the butt, eh girl?

Oh, and did you catch her parting message? Kat says she is going to beg Jeff to let her come back and play again. Beg Jeff? Seriously? He's not the one that makes the decisions, Kat. Talk about showing how naive you are.

I think this was a smart choice by the remaining six. Who is going next? Is Tarzan crafter than a fox? The previews seem to indicate that.

See you next week for the final two episodes of the season.

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