Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 2012 Survey Results

Well, the month of April has ended and the little survey I had set up on my blog is over. The question of the month was: what kind of posts do you like reading on my blog?

Users were given four answers to chose from and could select more than one answer. The results are in.

First, a thank you to the eleven people who took the time to answer the question. I always appreciate the feedback from my readers.

With two votes, book reviews was the lowest ranking of the four categories. I was actually kind of relieved to see this one because I tend to be a rather slow reader. Unlike my wife who can polish off a 500 page novel in a weekend, I tend to spread books out over a couple weeks by knocking off a chapter or two each night before bed. Unless it is a truly engaging novel, I can easily put a book down to do other things in between.

The next two categories were tied for second place with five votes each. TV/movie reviews and personal insights have both been long time staples of my blog from the start.

We don't get out to see a lot of films (that has become an expensive proposition over the years) and I do tend to be a TV person. I've had to juggle what new shows I can take on to balance what I already enjoy watching - only so many free time hours a day. I will tend to provide insights though in these areas when I can.

Personal insights tend to come about when something in day to day life strikes me as worth remarking on. I'll continue to drop those in when it makes sense.

The big winner with nine votes is, no surprise, album reviews. For the past fourteen months I have been trying to put up my thoughts each day on a different musical package. Based on the feedback here via comments, on Facebook and on Twitter, this seems to be something my friends and readers enjoy. I have been enjoying it myself as it allows me to visit both old favorites of mine as well as discover some disks I had never heard completely before. It is expanding my musical horizons and, I hope, yours as well.

Thanks again for reading each day.

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