Thursday, November 10, 2011

TV: Survivor South Pacific (ep. 9)

Week nine of the new season of Survivor was titled "Cut Throat" and indeed the game has gotten that way. A big episode with lots of emotion and a double-elimination. Now that's how I like my reality competitions.

Let's take a look at the details of the episode.

So, we ended last week's tribal with Cochran's vote tipping the scales to send Keith to Redemption. And no sooner do they get back at camp then the fallout starts. Ozzy goes to talk to Cochran alone and is very disappointed (but not overtly hostile). Perhaps because Brandon came to the weaker man's aid? Not sure. Jim, however, has no bones about expressing his disgust (and damn if he didn't shove Cochran too). And then Whitney gives it to him. Only Dawn didn't chew him out. Interesting.

Next day it is time for immunity. First four to get a coconut tossed into their hole moves to the next round. Jim, Dawn, Whitney and Sophie make it. Is Ozzy pouting? Sure looks like it. Writing on the wall, guy. Round two is a killer one: chop open a coconut, fill your mouth with the water then run an obstacle course to spit the water into a tube. First to fill their tube wins. Genius! Now that's how to make a challenge interesting. It quickly gets down to Jim and Sophie, and clearly she doesn't have the gag reflex in control. Jim wins triumphantly.

But the writing, of course, is on the wall. The strong six plus Cochran are gunning for Ozzy. And why not? If I was in this game at this point, that's who I would have gone for too. He's too much of a competitive force to leave in the main game. Best to send him to Redemption where the game could spin a different way.

And Jim talks a damn good game. Here he plans to give his necklace to Ozzy after spinning the tribe against Cochran. But, guess what, they ain't buying what Jim's selling. I guess his sales techniques work better on those folks coming in buying medicinal marijuana at his shops. In the end, he holds on to the necklace and allows the Ozzy-oust to go as planned. Not before Ozzy gets in some cocky words though. Those are going to bite him in the butt later to be sure.

But, hey, we still have almost thirty minutes left in the show. Time for immunity competition number 2. Interesting but smart of the seven in power to bow out to eat sweets while the bottom three from the old tribe (Jim, Whitney and Dawn) battle it out. Oh, and history repeats itself. Jim falls out, gets upset, and then is the target for the next vote. Whitney wins so she's safe. Jim tries to make a play, sensing Albert and Sophie's weakness - but he doesn't know that they are tight with Coach (then again, who isn't?). So, much to Jim's dismay he cannot rally enough votes to join them to try and oust Edna. In the end, Jim is off to Redemption with his bully brothers.

So, next week should be interesting. First, three alpha males duking it out at Redemption. We know at least one is going home. And, Jeff let out a little spoiler for next week via his Tweeting and Touting - next week is another double-elimination episode. Sweet!

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