Friday, November 4, 2011

Novella: A Winter Discovery by Michael Baron

In an earlier work When You Went Away, author Michael Baron introduced the Rubato family. Father Gerry had lost his wife shortly after the birth of their second child son Reese. Since that time he has found new love with Ally whom Reese and college-aged daughter Tanya call “Millie”. This short story A Winter Discovery follows the family as they prepare to celebrate Christmas.

I had read a novel by Baron earlier this year Anything (click here for that review) and enjoyed it very much. Baron’s same care with developing relatable characters is evident here in a touching story. Through the thoughts and actions of young Reese, readers will be reminded of their own childhood wonders as Christmas time steadily approached. The story is full of warmth, humor and sweetness, a very refreshing story that is devoid of a lot of tension and drama. This is the kind of story that can be enjoyed by all ages and read in a single sitting if one were so inclined.

A Winter Discovery is being released by the Story Plant in November of 2011. Look for it in paperback or in electronic, e-reader formats.

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