Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Adam Ant

Today, November 3rd, is the birthday of Stuart Leslie Goddard, the musician all of us 80's music lovers know as Adam Ant. He started out in the late 1970's as the leader of the New Wave/post punk group Adam and the Ants. In 1982, when the band split, he embarked on a successful solo career. In the late 80's he took some time to pursue an acting career and in the 90's started a family with his second wife.

Since 2010, Adam Ant has been back in the music arena, performing live shows and working on a new album.

In the early part of 1984, during my freshman year of college, I very briefly dated a photography major who was very into Adam Ant. She had photo albums full of pictures she had taken of him from his music videos as they played on MTV on her television. I kid you not. Suffice to say that relationship didn't last too long. How could I compete with that devotion?

The following are reviews I have done of Adam's earlier albums:

For Kings of the Wild Frontier, his 1980 album with the Ants, click here

For Friend or Foe, his 1982 solo album, click here

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