Monday, January 23, 2012

TV: Once Upon A Time (ep. 10)

This week's episode of Once Upon A Time was entitled "7:15 A.M." and picks up where last week's episode left off. Both Emma and Regina are a little suspicious of the stranger that showed up on his motorcycle. Meanwhile, David and Mary Margaret try to figure out where their forbidden love is leading them. In the land of Fairytales, Prince Charming is facing his upcoming wedding to King Midas' daughter while Snow White tries to ease her brokenheart.

Let's get to the episode breakdown, shall we?

In the land of Fairytales, Snow has exiled herself to forget Charming. Red Riding Hood brings her monthly food drops and also news - that he is to wed Abigail soon. Since Snow helped Red when no one else would (yes, we will get that story at some point in the series), Red tells her of someone who can help Snow get over the pain. Three guesses? Yup, Rumpelstiltskin. He makes up Snow a potion to forget and gives it to her in exchange for keeping a lock of her hair (you know he has plans for that - again, another tale for another time).

The King meanwhile tells James/Charming to forget about the girl and focus on making Abigail happy. The King needs Midas' money and James must accept the role he has chosen to play. But James cannot and sends Snow a message via carrier dove to meet him.

She comes to the castle, slips in but is caught before she can talk to James. Thrown in the dungeon, she meets Grumpy who too knows heartbreak. A dwarf named Stealthy shows up to free him and he, in turn, frees her because she was kind to him. Stealthy, you ask. Who is he? That's what I thought too. Turns out, he's cannon fodder and is slain by an arrow during the escape. Snow gets them to let Grumpy leave or she'll burn down the castle. (what is with arson on this show? Last week Rumpelstiltskin did it, now this week Snow threatens to?)

The King interrogates Snow and tells her that love is a disease. The only options are curing or death. He tells her either she breaks James' heart and walks away or he'll make James' death look like an accident. Either way, he will get Midas' endowment. Snow tells James that they cannot be, leaves the castle and is found by the dwarves. Grumpy offers their protection and tells her not to drink the potion.

Some time later, James is off looking for Snow. He encounters Red who learns that James has left Abigail. She runs to tell the dwarves and Snow. But Snow has drunk the potion and completely forgotten her love. (we all could see that coming - why introduce a potion in act one if you don't intend to put it to use in act four)

On the Storybrooke side, Regina is concerned when Henry is talking to the stranger. She convinces Emma to go find out what the guy is up to. Emma eventually meets up with him at the diner and asks questions. He says he will show her what is in his box if she agrees to have a drink with him sometime. She agrees. He opens the box. It's a typewriter. He says he comes to Storybrooke to be inspired. Is he the author of the book Henry has? Mystery here.

Mary-Margaret has been going to the diner each morning at 7:15 to see David, who comes for coffee. One minute of smiles and chit-chat. She later runs into his wife Katherine at the market and sees a birth-control test.

We get some bit with her finding a dove that is lost from its flock, a type of dove that mates for life. All contrived to get her to the animal shelter for her to David. Oh, and a storm is brewing so he follows her as she tries to find the flock. Mary-Margaret almost falls down a poorly blue-screened ravine until David saves her. The storm hits, they find shelter. They almost kiss but she breaks the mood by mentioning the birth-control test. The storm passes, they get the dove to the flock. David tries to make a move to hold her hand but she pushes him away. He says he has feelings for both Mary-Margaret and Katherine, both seem real. But Mary-Margaret tells him he can't have both.

The next morning at 7:10, David and Katherine talk. The test came out negative and she thinks that is a good thing. She says they need to fix them before they can consider a family. He agrees to go to Dr. Hopper with her for counseling. He suggests that they stay home for breakfast today.

Mary-Margaret stays home too, trying to break the cycle. But later that morning she runs into David, accidentally, at the diner. Accident or fate? The show would imply fate. He tells her that Katherine is not pregnant. They kiss passionately out in the street. But this does not go unnoticed. Regina sees it, and Regina is not happy! That is because, as we all know, she knows the truth and who they are. Things could get awful ugly now in Storybrooke.

All in all, a decent episode. We get to see Red Riding Hood and we learn how Snow came to be with the dwarves. We also have the mystery of the stranger to continue for another episode.

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