Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Tom Bailey

Happy fifty-eighth birthday today (January 18) to British musician and composer Tom Bailey.

Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, started out as a music teacher. In 1977, he formed the Thompson Twins which eventually settled in as a trio with Bailey (on vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards), his then girlfriend Alannah Currie (on percussion, saxophone and vocals) and Joe Leeway (percussion and vocals). Bailey and Currie eventually married.

After the Thompson Twins broke up in 1991, Baiely and Currie formed the techno-oriented duo Babble. Bailey has also produced a New Zealand band by the name of Stellar*, and he won a Record Producer of the Year award for their debut album. He was also involved in a dub project called International Observer.

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Anonymous said...

I grew up with the Thompson Twins and their amazing music. "Lay your hands on me" is still my favourite song and is played nearly all the while driving with my car. There are so many wonderful memories - thank your very much for being a part in my youth!