Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Andy Rourke

Happy forty-eighth birthday today (January 17) to bass guitarist Andy Rourke.

Born in Manchester, England, Rourke received his first guitar at age 7. At age 11, he made friends with a young John Maher (who would later use the studio name Johnny Marr). At age 15, Rourke dropped out of school to work and play in music; one of the first bands he belonged to was a funk group called Freak Party.

In 1982, Marr and Morrissey decided to put together a band. Marr brought in Rourke and the Smiths were born. The group was together until 1987; Rourke was with the band for most of that time except for a brief period where he was sacked from the group.

After the Smiths, Rourke has recorded with artists like the Pretenders, Killing Joke, and FreeBass.

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