Thursday, June 9, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (6/8/11) part 1

Breaking them up again between regular titles and Flashpoint books. Here's the regular:

Batman: the Brave and the Bold #8 - another fun romp with Batman and Aquaman. This book, while part of the DC Kids line, is always enjoyable. You get straight-forward stories with a beginning, middle and end all in a single issue. The story lines contain all the elements of classic comic books without the baggage. I hope this book is continuing come September with the new DC launches.

Birds of Prey #13 - this is Gail Simone's final issue on BOP. Come September, the book relaunches with a new writer, a new roster and very likely without this reader. I came back to BOP when Gail came back to the book. She knows and loves these gals very much. Without her, it won't be the same book. This issue clearly was written like a finale. The final plot is closed (though loose ends are there that, sadly, won't get realized), the gals do what they do best, and it was a lot of action with guest appearances from some Secret Six characters. Yes, there are two more issues of this run but they are guest-written and, in my eyes, very much fill-ins to round out things before the relaunch.

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