Sunday, June 5, 2011

Comic Books - Flashpoint week 1 (6/1/11)

This was the first full blown week of the Flashpoint event. I picked up the first issues of three of the four tie-in minis. My thoughts:

Flashpoint: Abin Sur - the Green Lantern #1 (of 3) - I found this one rather interesting. There seemed to be a lot of elements of the typical Green Lantern line (enemies, allies, etc.) with, of course, the notable difference of Abin Sur still being the Green Lantern of sector 2814. It isn't clear yet how the change occurred but that's okay for now. What is intriguing is what Atrocitus might now about "the Prophecy of the Flashpoint". We should find out more next issue.

Flashpoint: Secret Seven #1 (of 3) - I was sold on this one as soon as I saw that George Perez was doing the art. He is one of my all-time favorite artists. The man can draw everybody well. This story too seems to be standing on its own so far. We have Shade the Changing Man and the Enchantress, plus a whole lot of craziness and mystery. How does it tie into the main event? No clue but I enjoyed it a lot. Bring on next month!

the World of Flashpoint #1 (of 3) - even though we get a nice idea of what is going on with the Earth in this altered reality, the true star of the book is Traci Thirteen. We're getting another interesting character driven story set in the middle of this big event. Of the three books so far, this is one tie-in I think that most readers of the main five-issue mini will want to pick up. It gives good supplemental material to what else is going on.

Flashpoint #2 (of 5) - the opening six pages gives us a look at a lot of characters on this new world, including Deathstroke and Aquaman. It was a nice teaser to the minis starring them coming up soon. We then get eight pages picking up where last issue ended - with Barry Allen trying to explain what is "wrong" to this reality's Batman. Some good stuff. Next is a nice four-page intro to two more of the upcoming minis, the ones starring Wonder Woman and Lois Lane. Lastly, back to Barry and what the cover promises - an attempt to get his speed powers back. These page and the earlier eight really give a testament to Barry's character, what made him a great hero. He doesn't lie down quietly and accept things; he fights with whatever he can and is willing to pay the price to succeed. Did he this time? We'll find out next issue! The last seven pages are devoted to a world map (a nice two page spread that ties into the World of Flashpoitn well), and five sketchbook pages by artist Andy Kubert. I love things like this a lot (worth the extra buck on the cover price for this mini).

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