Thursday, June 30, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (6/29/11)

Flashpoint: the Canterbury Cricket #1 - this one shot was really there to introduce a new character who then joins up with the Resistance against the Amazons in the UK. Will he stick around after Flashpoint ends for the new DCU? Probably so. Why else give him a one-shot like this? It was good to see the Demon and Godiva (though the later was poorly drawn, IMHO). Worth picking up? Only if you think the Cricket will be the newest breakout character. I am thinking not.

Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries #1 - this one-shot really worked for me. Ollie as a weapons-seller, the use of villain-tech, the social commentary on big corporations destroying Main Street America - it all worked for me. Best book of the week.

Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #1 (of 3) - except for the Amazon/Atlantean war this read exactly like Hal's Green Lantern origin and the first fifteen minutes of the recent GL film. Yawn. Been here, done that. Give us something new, folks? Sigh.

Justice Society of America #52 - the mystery of the door beneath Monument Point continues. But, I couldn't get into it. Yes, we have some nice-to-see guest stars with the Challengers of the Unknown, but how can I get excited for a story that I know has just two issues to wrap up? And there is no sign of the JSA in the relaunch come September. Spinning our wheels here, people. Sad.

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