Thursday, September 27, 2012

Survivor: Philippines (episode 2)

The new season kicked off last week with some famous faces and returning players.

This week, the three tribes face the heavy tropical rains which effect the moods. And some things transpire that lead to someone uttering this week's title "Don't Be Blinded By the Headlights".

Let's get to the recap.

Matsing returns from tribal council, down to five players. Russell vows he needs to step back from the leadership position to keep his own neck off the chopping block. As the nights get cold, Angie turns to Malcolm for some warmth and that sends off a weird vibe across the camp. Roxy in particular is very concerned about it. As it continues on to another night, she concludes that Angie has to go. She bends Russell's ear to get him to see her side. Malcolm, meanwhile, realizes that talk has turned around came and tries to clue Angie in to it. As the rain comes down, so does Roxy's mood. She quickly is feeling lost and alone. But when the sun comes out, she openly praises the Lord on the beach which really turns Denise off. Denise says that it is self-confidence and not prayer that will help win challenges.

Over at Kalabaw, Jeff recognizes the need to keep a good pace in the game. All his years of baseball taught him you have to keep some in reserve for the end of the season. Luckily the rain is giving him an excuse to sit around camp with the others so his knee can heal. Jonathan wants them all to go elsewhere as he knows the hidden immunity idol is somewhere around camp. He just needs time to find it. Finally, the other five go off to a nearby cave and he has time to look. He almost gets caught, so he makes up a lie about a washed out contact lens. Later, Jonathan has a revelation - the clue said "right under your nose". He goes back to the rice container, pries off the ornamental lid handle and finds the idol. He is a happy camper.

At Tandang, RC finds a clue in the rice bag. Abi-Maria sees her so they share the clue. However, Abi quickly gets jealous of RC talking with Mike and threatens RC if she screws her over. RC is totally caught off-guard by this quick turn around. Lisa meanwhile is having a problem coping - she is a shy introvert and only does well on stage when she is playing a role. (My thoughts: Lisa - pretend you are playing a role and just get your head in the game!) RC and Abi make the others think that Lisa keeps wandering off alone because she is looking for the idol, knowing full well that is a lie as they know it is actually in camp. Shrewd.

The immunity challenge consists of two phases. Phase one: teams of two pull a wood sled to retrieve piles of puzzle pieces. One pair has to run the course twice. Then a caller will help two people solve the three puzzles. First team done gets reward of blankets, pillows and a tarp. Second place gets just a tarp. Third place goes to tribal.

Matsing falls behind in the sled phase but manages to catch up. It quickly gets down to all three teams working on their third puzzle. Lisa's cool head calling helps Tandang to win first place. Kalabaw pulls out a last moment second place win. Matsing is going to tribal again. And Russell cusses out his team because of it - either play to win or go home!

Back at camp, Denise quickly sees the lines forming. Russell and Roxy are targetting Angie. Malcolm and Angie are thinking Roxy needs to go. Denise is the swing vote in the middle. She realizes she has to do what is best for her in the long run.

At tribal, Jeff asks Roxy what is needed around camp. She says people need to not be such workaholics. Denise does not agree. Work needs to be done, win or lose at the challenge. When asked the same question, Angie says "cookies". Uh...okay. Jeff gets the same vibe. Malcolm quickly comes to Angie's defense saying that food would be good. Roxy then drops the bomb and calls out the coupling. Malcolm can't help but smile. Roxy says he's falling for the "booby trap", a reference to Angie's ample endowment. Malcolm says it just cuddling for warmth and that Angie is more like a sister. Roxy calls that weird. Jeff tells Angie that she needs to wake up and realize that even suspicion of coupling can be trouble, especially when a couple in a group of what will soon be four is half.

Time to vote.

Roxy of course votes for Angie. Angie of course votes for Roxy. I am expecting a two-two tie with Denise swinging the vote. But, to my surprise, it ends up four to one with Roxy getting the boot. Russell realized she was too much of a liability to ally with and cut his losses. Interesting.

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