Monday, August 20, 2012

Book Review: Twelve Months

Twelve Months is a novel by Steven Manchester, published in August 2012 by the Story Plant.

Don DiMarco has a great life going for him. He is happily married, working hard to support his lifestyle. Then, one day, he is thrown a complete curve ball when he learns he has terminal cancer and is given the prognosis of only twelve months to live.

DiMarco's bucket-list includes travel with his wife and accomplishing goals he always wanted to do but did not. He also spends time with those that he loves, mends some broken bridges in his past, and performs random acts of kindness to others.

Through this story, Manchester shows what someone might do to live out the dreams they have in just a very short time period. We all take for granted the limited time we have been given on this world, but it often takes something extreme to make us realize that.

If the end goal of the author is to make the reader think what they might do in a situation like this, it certainly worked for me. As I read Twelve Months, I too thought what I might want to accomplish if I knew I had a very short time left to live.

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Lou Aronica said...

Thanks for the thoughtful review, Martin.