Monday, October 8, 2012

TV: Once Upon A Time (season 2, ep. 2)

Last week, the people of Storybrooke adjusted to finding out the truth behind the Evil Queen's plot. Some sought revenge in the form of a deadly wraith. When the creature was banished, it pulled Emma along with it. Mary Margaret followed with the pair ending up in what remains of the Fairytale Land. Now they are in the presence of Mulan and Princess Aurora who are looking for answers.

Last night, season 2 continued with an episode entitled "We Are Both".

Wow - I liked how they are continuing to explore the ramifications of the story line with each episode, taking the time to give us everything we would expect.

The dwarves draw straws to decide who is going to test crossing the line. Sneezy loses out and Grumpy pushes him over. Suddenly, the magic takes over and his memory reverts back to that of his Storybrooke self. Uh oh.

David goes to Regina, calling her out about the hat and magic. He informs her that he wants to follow Emma and Snow wherever they went.

Quick flashback to Fairytale land: Regina tried to flee rather than marry King Leopold, but Cora stops her with a barrier spell. She will do as she is told.

The town of Storybrooke is in a panic. No one knows what to do and turns to David/Charming for guidance as their king. He is unsure as well. Then the dwarves break the news: they cannot leave town without losing their old memories again.

Dr. Hopper tries to offer Regina some guidance but she won’t have any of that. She knows what she wants and who she is.

Flashback: Regina fantasizes choking young Snow for betraying her secret about Daniel to her mother. She goes to her father Henry who tells her that Cora got magic from a book. Regina is bound to find out what the book does and who gave it to her.

Back in regular time, Regina goes to Mr. Gold to retrieve that same book. He is not inclined to help her and tries the “please” clause to their deal. Much to Regina’s delight, that no longer works. When she threatens to reveal to everyone that she and Gold knew the old land still exists, he offers up the book to keep her quiet.

Gold is ready to leave town when David shows up. He wants something to help him find Snow again. Gold offers up a potion to use on the hat, to get the help he seeks. The two strike an agreement of non-interference with one another. Gold will definitely be the one to benefit from that one in the future - he always does.

Flashback: Regina steals the book from her mother and summons Rumpelstiltskin. He is pleased as he has been waiting so long for this moment. It seems the power runs in the family blood, from Cora to Regina. He senses her potential. He offers Regina a portal to deal with her mother.

Back in regular time, Regina opens the magic book and drinks in its power. Her withering apple treat immediately comes back to full health.

The town folk have gathered but David is a no-show. Regina crashes the meeting, throws around her magic power and threatens everyone. Henry offers to go with her to save the others. She is pleased to have all she has wanted back again - her power and her son.

David pours the potion on the hat, the wind takes it, and it leads him to Jefferson. David tries to get him to help use the hat to travel to the other world but Jefferson flees instead. David is ready to follow but Ruby stops him. It seems the folks are ready to cross the line to leave town no matter what happens.

Henry finds that he is now a prisoner of Regina’s. He attempts to flee but the tree stops him, just like the barrier spell Cora used on her many years ago. She offers to teach him magic but he refuses. He says he does not want to be like her.

Flashback: on her wedding day, Regina pushes Cora through the looking glass portal that Rumpelstiltskin had given her. The mirror shatters. She then goes to leave the kingdom but Rumpelstiltskin meets her. She gives the magic book back to him, but he asks her how it felt to use the power. She says it felt great. He offers to train her, guide her. She gives in to the power.

Back in real time: the town’s folk are ready to cross the border but David stops them. He gives an impassioned speech about how he is both Charming and David, taking the best qualities of both and learning from the weaknesses too. He tells them if they go they will be lost. If they stay, they can choose who they want to be. Finally, he promises to protect them from Regina. This last bit is the clincher and they decide to return to town.

David then storms Regina’s home with sword in hand, ready to fight. She, however, does not wish to. Instead, she tells Henry to go home with David. She admits that she has long ago lost the ability to love. She will not force the boy to stay; she wants to redeem herself in his eyes so he will choose to come back to her under his own free will. David gets her to admit that the old land is still out there. He promises to take good care of Henry.

The town returns to some normalcy. Henry tells Marco how to find Pinocchio, but August is no longer in his hotel room (he was there, in wooden form, at the start of the episode - hmmmm). Gold stands at the edge of town, frustrated that he cannot leave to look for his own son Baelfire. Grumpy and the others get their pick-axes out to search for fairy dust to help restore Sneezy to his fairy-tale self.

Finally, we close with Emma and Mary Margaret. Mulan has marched them back to her home where they are then thrown into a dungeon after Mary Margaret/Snow tries to escape. In the cell, they find another person who offers help. It is Cora! Uh oh!

So, another amazing episode this week. Yes, things are moving a bit slower but the character development is worth it.

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